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28 Apr

Adopt a Family Program

Donate to the adopt a family program to provide direct aid to a Ukrainian family
21 Apr

How to Help Ukrainian Refugees

Ways to support Ukrainian refugees in the United States and abroad
12 Apr

Our Animal Rescue Efforts in Ukraine

As the war rages in Ukraine, animals have been caught in the crossfire, with the situation growing more dire every day. While many Ukrainian zoos are supported by ...
8 Apr

32 Tons of Medical Supplies Flown to Ukraine

Airbus A330 cargo flight with $3.5 million worth of emergency medical supplies organized by Nova Ukraine in partnership with the Ukrainian Student Association ...
31 Mar

Medical Supply Deliveries to Ukraine

March 31, 2022 Over a month into the war in Ukraine, Russian troops were pushed back near Kyiv and have started withdrawing. But fierce fighting continues in ...
14 Mar

Delivering Emergency Aid to Ukrainian refugees

It's day 15 of War. Civilians in Ukraine - men, women, and children - are suffering greatly from this unjustifiable Russian aggression. The war is impacting Ukrainians in the most horrific ways: homes and hospitals are being destroyed by Russian field artillery, aviation bombs, and tank shells;
3 Mar

Humanitarian Efforts

It has been a very difficult 9 days since Russia invaded Ukraine, but since then, the whole world has united in helping the Ukrainian people. Our team has been working day and night and we want to update our fellow Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine on our humanitarian relief
2 Mar

Rallies on the West Coast

Nova Ukraine continues to help organize rallies in the US to demonstrate solidarity with Ukraine, increase awareness of the ongoing crisis, help influence public opinion, and raise money to help the people of Ukraine.
24 Jan

Terzyul14 Biographical Documentary

A biographical documentary about Vladyslav Terzyul, Ukraine’s only alpinist to reach the summits of all 14 eight-thousand meter peaks. Something that only less than 50 people achieved worldwide. To every summit he carried ...
16 Jan

Programming Books Translation Project

Since its founding in 2014, Nova Ukraine supported a number of initiatives to promote and make STEM education in Ukraine more accessible. One of our newest educational projects is to support a group of enthusiasts that translate the bestselling Computer Science books into Ukrainian.
24 Aug

Supporting Ukrainian Team for Warrior Games

Nova Ukraine supported the Ukrainian team of wounded war veterans in their preparation for US Department of Defense Warrior Games. The Department of Defense Warrior Games is an annual event, first held in 2010, that celebrates the resiliency and dedication of wounded, ill, and injured active duty...
23 Aug

Cinema UA - Promoting Ukrainian Cinema

As part of 2021 initiative to support Ukrainian film, Nova Ukraine is launching a new initiative to support the popularization of Ukrainian cinema. We will showcase Ukrainian movies to the community with a chance to speak with people that are behind the movie creation.

Teach for Ukraine

Teach for Ukraine - Education for Every Child  👩‍🏫4🇺🇦 = 🎓4🧒 As part of Nova Ukraine's continual support ...
16 Apr

ENGin: Practice English from Home

ENGin is a nonprofit initiative providing free, high-quality speaking practice for English learners in Ukraine while offering English speakers all over the world a flexible and rewarding volunteer opportunity.
1 Mar

Coronavirus Relief for Ukraine

Nova Ukraine is starting a fundraiser to purchase PPE for Ukrainian healthcare workers. Nova Ukraine will double the first $6000 in donations!
25 Feb

🇺🇦 Supporting Ukrainian Film - Dzheria

🇺🇦 Dzheria (Historical Psychological Drama, full feature UA film) 🙌 As part of 2021 initiative to support Ukrainian film, Nova Ukraine is ...
2 Dec

Santa Claus Reindeers

As part of our humanitarian efforts, Nova Ukraine is proud to continue its support Santa Claus Reindeers project in Ukraine. The goal is to provide gifts for children in war zone in Ukraine
21 Apr

Medical Supplies for Wounded Soldiers

For over five years now, the Ukrainian community of San Francisco and the Silicon Valley has been providing aid to Ukrainian Army soldiers that endured severe ...
16 Apr

Cultural Hub Nova Ukraine

We invite you to share our deep passion for travel. Our guides can offer virtual tours of their favorite landmarks in San Francisco, Kyiv, Vancouver and Victoria (Canada).
26 Feb

Trustees of Tomorrow Exchange Program

Nova Ukraine is proud to partner with Global Youth Entrepreneurs to support Silicon Valley-Ukraine Youth Entrepreneurial Exchange Program
30 Jan

Heart2Heart Project Update: 2019

In 2019 combined, we sent over 55,000 pounds of humanitarian aid, totaling $54,414. We have continued our annual tradition, and our most recent fundraising campaign in 2019 was focused on collecting and shipping...
2 Dec

Support Akhiezer Foundation

Akhiezer Foundation was created in 2005 to support mathematical sciences in Kharkiv, Ukraine. It provides fellowships and grants to college students, post-graduates and young scientists to allow them to pursue their interest in mathematics.
6 Oct - Independent Media Hub in Lviv

Nova Ukraine is partnering with “Your City Lviv” to help equip their small tv-studio, which needs: production switchers, cameras, sound, lighting and broadcasting equipment.
26 May

'Motley Raccoons' summer camp

Motley Raccoons (Ukr. "Строкаті Єноти") is a children's camp founded by veterans. This camp engages children between 8 and 18 y.o. into sports, traveling, art and communication striving to raise active and patriotic Ukrainian youth.
3 Mar

Burning Man Art Installation 2019: Catharsis

For 2019 Burning Man, Nova Ukraine supported a group of Ukrainian artists from Seattle who brought an art installation called Catharsis.
16 Jan

Heart2Heart Project Update in 2018

Nova Ukraine would like to update the community about our accomplishments for the last couple of months of 2018. With the efforts of multiple volunteers, we shipped over 600 pounds of Christmas and New Year presents to Ukraine.
13 Jan

Mathletes: 15th Kyiv Tournament of Math Battles

Nova Ukraine is proud to continue its support for Ukranian Math Team participating in Math Olympiads. Traditionally, year Kyiv Tournament of Math Battles named after Lesya Rubliova took place from September to January
13 Jan

Prometheus: World-class online courses for Ukrainian teachers

Nova Ukraine is partnering with Prometheus to translate MIT online courses for Ukrainian teachers’ professional development
13 Oct

Burning Man Art 2018

Nova Ukraine, together with Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco, are proud to be the partners of Ukrainian Burning Man this year in helping bring one of ...
1 Jul

Animal-ID: Chance to live for 100 000 dogs from Ukraine

Nova Ukraine, partnering with International Registration Systems, is proud to announce its support to solve a problem of homeless dogs in the cities across Ukraine. Over 100,000 of stray dogs live on the streets of Ukrainian cities, and the destiny of these animals depends...
1 Jul

Supporting Ukrainian Writers

Nova Ukraine is proud to support Ukrainian writers by introducing their work to English speaking readers. In the first such project, Nova Ukraine supported young Ukranian author Nazar Kazkar.
4 Mar

MATHletes: Ukrainian Mathematics Team

Nova Ukraine is proud to announce its support for Ukranian Math Team participating in International Math Olympiads.
26 Sep

Alumni Fund Ukraine

Alumni Fund Ukraine is an educational NGO established by Ukrainian alumni in December 2015 in Switzerland and in April 2016 in Ukraine. Its mission is to create a funding platform that can enable people to support Ukrainian educational institutions
18 Apr

ART CONTEST: "Ukraine the way I imagine it”

Have you ever been to Ukraine? Do you want to go? What do you know about this largest country in Europe? Can you draw or paint it out of your imagination? Nova Ukraine along with Carroll-Marynychenko Charitable Fund are pleased to announce the artwork contest "Ukraine the way I imagine it”.
18 Mar

Heart2Heart - Humanitarian Aid

The goal of this project is to help and to support the most vulnerable Ukrainians in need that cannot get help the other way. We collect, sort, and deliver donations to volunteers in Ukraine, who pass them hand-to-hand, heart-to-heart, and family-to-family.
13 Feb

Wounded Soldiers Rehabilitation

Nova Ukraine supports the efforts of the US charity Revived Soldiers Ukraine to provide medical rehabilitation to wounded Ukrainian soldiers with serious spinal trauma. Soldiers Ukraine cooperates with rehabilitation center “Next Step” to provide
1 Feb

Humanitarian Aid to Avdiivka

Nova Ukraine, along with a whole Ukranian community of the Bay Area, wants to help thousands of civilians and children in the affected areas. We are in contact with volunteering groups...
16 Jan

GoGlobal & GoCamp

GoGlobal is an initiative of Global Office NGO aimed at promoting language learning and volunteer movement in Ukraine, fostering intercultural dialogue and public diplomacy. Our main mission is initiation and implementation of projects
28 Dec

Surgical Department of Lviv Children's Hospital

Current equipment used at the hospital is 15 years old, outdated and demands constant refurbishment. Due to the lack...
17 Aug

Summer camp 'PEREVAL'

Pereval is a youth camp located on the bank of the Desna River. Unlike a typical scout or day camp, Pereval offers children and adolescents a transformational...
29 Apr

Music Camp Kharkiv: Helping Civil Society

Music Camp Kharkiv is a social project, that includes an educational program for local children and a concert of children's choir with the symphonic orchestra in Kharkiv National Opera. During the 6 days of intensive music involvement...
22 Apr

Pro.Svit: Center for Innovative Education

Pro.Svit is a Center for Innovative Education, where we strive to enhance the human potential of Ukrainian society through education reform...
3 Apr

Hugo Spaulding: Reformers Without Borders

Please help pay for his 3 months trip to Odessa to continue the effort, started by Lyuba Shipovich, Natalia Shyrba and Odessa Regional government team. As an RWB Fellow, Hugo will be promoting local small businesses...
1 Mar

Computers For Ukraine

There are more than million of displaced people in Ukraine. They constantly need information about available resources, places to rent, new government regulations and their relatives and friends. They need to learn new skills...