About Us

Nova Ukraine is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization (EIN 465335435) dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine and raising awareness about Ukraine in the United States as well as in the rest of the world. Through your generous donations, we fund various efforts to help the people of Ukraine. We organize fundraisers, cultural events, meetings with Ukrainian celebrities, and roundtable discussions dedicated to Ukraine, among other initiatives. We also collaborate with nonprofits and volunteers on the ground to further our mission. Since 2014, we have sent over $83+ million worth of aid to Ukraine.

Our Vision

Nova Ukraine is a hub for Humanitarian and Educational support, serving as a charitable version of venture capital. We handpick the most impactful and effective initiatives, then ensure that they succeed. By connecting the Western public with Ukrainian society, we are a driving force for positive change. We envision a future Ukraine where everyone enjoys freedom, peace, and prosperity. That’s why we nurture civil society in Ukraine, promote culture, and offer vital aid to vulnerable populations. With our unwavering commitment to transparent reporting and impactful projects, we help to forge a path to a brighter tomorrow.

Mission Statement

At Nova Ukraine, we are dedicated to supporting Ukraine and its people in building a strong, flourishing nation with an empowered civil society.

To foster resilience, hope, and self-sufficiency, we provide essential aid to vulnerable populations, including children, refugees and internally displaced persons, as well as wounded defenders undergoing treatment. We partner with local volunteer groups, hospitals, state services and local authorities to provide the people of Ukraine with resources for cultural growth and social mobility, as well as an environment to thrive in the future.

The majority of our volunteer work is unpaid, and our operational overhead has been in low single percent, per our financial reports. We regularly provide reports of how our funds are being spent.

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