Board of Directors

Ostap Korkuna | Director / Co-Chairman

I was born and raised in Lviv, Ukraine. I graduated from Lviv National University with a master’s degree in applied math and, soon after that, moved to California in 2009 to become a software engineer at Meta (then Facebook). Though I live in the US, I still try to visit Ukraine often to maintain the many social and professional ties I’ve built with my homeland over the years. In 2014, I became one of the founding members of Nova Ukraine because I strongly believe that no matter where we are geographically, we can still find ways to effectively help Ukraine when the country and its people need us.

Mikola (Nick) Bilogorskiy | Co-Chairman

I grew up in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Today, I’m a computer security software executive in Silicon Valley. I co-founded Nova Ukraine in 2014 to give the young people in our diaspora a voice and as a simple way to help Ukraine. I love giving back and feeling connected to my roots in Ukraine. At Nova Ukraine, I coordinate corporate relations.

Milena Naymark | Director, Finance

I was born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine. In 1991, I left for the US, where I lived in New York before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2005. I co-founded Nova Ukraine in 2014 and served as CFO and vice president. I’m on the board of directors now and am responsible for assisting in legal and financial matters. I hope to be able to make a difference for Ukraine as our organization develops and becomes stronger through our joint humanitarian efforts with other US-based Ukrainian nonprofits. Beyond my board seat, I chiefly contribute to our efforts in the fields of education and raising awareness.

Michael Simbirsky | Director

I grew up in Kharkiv, Ukraine, where I studied mathematics. In the mid-1990s, I moved to Israel before finally settling in California as a software engineer. I joined Nova Ukraine in 2014 to assist internally displaced persons. Before the war, I coordinated educational projects, the project “Help to wounded soldiers” and others. I am now coordinating financial planning for Nova Ukraine’s broad humanitarian efforts.

Rodion Yaryy | Director

I grew up in Odesa, Ukraine, before moving to the US to pursue my education. I joined Nova Ukraine first as a volunteer and later as a board member because I want to see Ukraine as a thriving European democracy freed from corruption and with greater access to education. I want to be part of a critical mass that will positively change Ukrainian society.

Igor Markov | Director

I grew up in Kyiv, and moved to the US for graduate school (UCLA). Having worked at Google, I’m today a research scientist at Meta (Facebook) focusing on AI platforms. As a former professor at the University of Michigan and a visiting professor at Stanford, I’ve co-authored five books and over 200 peer-reviewed publications. At Nova Ukraine, I curated the COVID-19 response and advertising efforts, oversaw publicity materials and other projects. As of 2022, I am involved in media efforts, transportation logistics, support of volunteers in Ukraine, and help scaling up Nova Ukraine as new volunteers are joining daily.

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