How to Help Ukrainian Refugees

Help refugees stranded in mexico

Many Ukrainians were already en route to Mexico with the hope of seeking refuge in the US when the Uniting for Ukraine program was announced and the border crossing in Tijuana was closed. We have over 200 Ukrainian refugees including infants and young children stuck in Mexico City without basic necessities and funds to provide for themselves.¬†See the Hub’s fundraising page for latest updates¬†from Mexico.

Offer your home

Sign up to host newly arriving refugees at one of the crowdsource platforms below.

Note: These are crowdsourced platforms which do not have additional background checks or vetting provided, please be vigilant with your safety.

Welcome Refugees to the USA

Learn about sponsoring refugees under the Uniting for Ukraine Program and sign up to be part of the refugee “Welcome Committee” via Welcome.US

give to our refugee support efforts

Monetary funds remain the most impactful contribution individuals can make towards helping refugees – both in the United States and abroad. These funds are used for evacuations, shelters, food and water, and critical legal and medical support to help refugees find their way.

Please select “refugee support and resettlement” to allocate these funds to our refugee efforts

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