Solar Energy for Educational Institutions – Pilot Project in Chernihiv

Our pilot project involves a school located in Chernihiv. The city endured a month-long occupation at the onset of the Russian invasion. Throughout this period, the school became a steadfast refuge for residents, offering safety and saving lives. Following the city’s liberation, the school resumed its operations for students and teachers. However, persistent power outages have since disrupted the educational process.

We chose to install an alternative power solution using solar panels, accompanied by the necessary set of equipment. This allows the school to operate during power outages, ensuring continuity until centralized electricity is restored. 

Amidst this situation, our pilot project emphasized the transformative role of solar energy in maintaining crucial services and providing a sanctuary.

We plan to continue building our “Resilient Communities” initiative, aiming to fortify urban and rural infrastructures with solar panels, making long-lasting effects on our communities.

Our Key Partner

The project is proudly supported by Nevados.

Nevados is a solar energy equipment supplier located in Oakland, California. With their proprietary products, they help solar developers increase location site options, eliminate major costs of construction, and maximize power generation.

Ways to Donate

You can support the Energy4Ukraine project by donating to our FB fundraiser. For corporate support or partnership opportunities, please get in touch with [email protected].

We accept monetary and in-kind donations. Please visit our Donate section for details or contact [email protected] for in-kind donations.

Spread the word! Inform your friends and colleagues about this important cause, and share our initiative on your social media. Please help us achieve our fundraising target of $10,000 for schools in Ukraine.

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