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March 22, 2022
It has been a difficult three weeks since Russia invaded Ukraine. Zelensky delivered an impassioned address to Congress urging the United States to do more to end the senseless humanitarian crisis caused by Russian aggression. The besieged city of Mariupol remains under heavy bombardment, with no food, water, or electricity. The Russian Air Force dropped a powerful bomb on a theater in Mariupol, where over a thousand civilians—many of them children—were seeking refuge, despite the word “CHILDREN” being prominently painted on two sides of the building for Russian pilots to see. Now, six countries are investigating war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine.

Yana and her daughter Valeria arrived in Romania on Monday, February 28, 2022, from Khmelnytskyi Region in Ukraine, as they seek shelter from the bloody conflict started less than a week before. They have relatives in Poland and in Italy and they yet to decide where they will go.

Our Impact So Far

Since February 20, we have raised $11 million thanks to the incredible support of donors like you. We rely on the work of unpaid volunteers, some of whom have taken time off work or even quit their jobs to help coordinate humanitarian aid for Ukraine. So far, over 98% of our raised funds has gone directly to humanitarian aid, and we have distributed $4.7 million in the three weeks since the war began, with over 60% of spending devoted to medical aid.

Our spending as of March 22, 2022: Life Saving First Aid (43%): Emergency medical supplies, vehicles, and staff for treating severely injured civilians in the field. Medication (18%): Prescription and OTC medication. Supply Chain (23%): Air and ground shipping, warehouse, delivery vehicles. Basic needs (10%): Food, water, hygiene, baby care. Evacuation (4%): Refugee relocation and evacuation. Misc (2%): Uncategorized aid.

Our Work in Ukraine

As the situation on the ground in Ukraine continues to change rapidly, delivering supplies to critical cities remains hazardous and difficult. Such deliveries are performed by volunteers and partner organizations we support with small grants. In addition to immediate relief, we purchase life-saving medical supplies and equipment so badly needed in Ukraine, which we also transport for rapid delivery. This work is ongoing, and reports are prepared based on delivery data. Through our donations, we are able to finance our partners on the ground and bring immediate relief as well as purchase orders for in-demand tactical medical supplies and equipment. This work is also ongoing, and we’ll be sure to share updates once these supplies reach their destinations.
Just one example of our efforts can be seen in the video below, showing our work in Mykolaiv, in southern Ukraine, where we recently collected and delivered food and basic supplies which were then distributed by our volunteers on the ground.

Ambulance Procured for Zhytomyr Support

One of our grants has helped purchase an ambulance for a team of doctors in Ukraine providing medical care in the Zhytomyr region. When the war ends, the vehicle will be donated to the Lutsk Municipal Clinical Hospital to provide on-going medical support.

Animal Rescue Support

We also issued a grant to animal shelter Poryatunok Tvarin for rescue efforts in Kharkiv, which has so far resulted in the successful relocation of 40 animals to other European countries. We will continue to provide direct support to animal rescue organizations in Ukraine.

Updated Refugee Resources

We continue compiling resources for Ukrainians fleeing the war to Europe, the US, and Canada. Please visit our Refugee FAQ page to find information about shelter resources, language courses, legal aid, and more. Nova Ukraine is working with to provide emergency housing for refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. Eligible applicants will receive an Airbnb voucher to be used for free short-term accommodation. For application and program details, please click here.

United for Ukraine Fundraiser

We have officially entered a partnership with UNICEF USA to support children and families devastated by the war in Ukraine. As part of the partnership, we are launching a joint fundraiser to raise $2 million to support UNICEF projects in Ukraine. UNICEF has over 75 years of humanitarian response expertise; added to our eight-plus years of building trusted partner networks in Ukraine. Together we will be able to deliver emergency aid to those who need it most on an even greater scale.

Make an Impact Today!

  • $45 could help provide a family with an emergency water, sanitation, and hygiene kit
  • $75 could help pay for school supplies to help at least 20 children continue their education
  • $120 could help provide clean drinking water with 16,000 water purification tablets
  • $150,000 can establish a Blue Dot (child friendly) center to support 3,000-5,000 to supply children and mothers with vital supplies for one month (an additional $15,000 could help maintain a center for an additional month)

See our Fundraiser with UNICEF USA »

Please Continue Supporting Our Work

Please support Nova Ukraine by donating today to bring critical support to those in need. The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine will continue even after this war ends, so please consider making your donation recurring.

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