Ukraine Independence Day 2023 Celebration: Important Events

Ukrainian Independence Day is a celebration of resilience, unity, and national pride. This year, the Nova Ukraine team, representing the heart and spirit of the Ukrainian diaspora, embarked on a series of engagements across California and beyond. Their activities—from symbolic acts of unity at Mission Peak and Capitol Hill to high-level diplomatic ceremonies in San Francisco and Santa Clara—underscored the significance of the Ukrainian community abroad and its profound integration into local cultures.

On August 23, Nova Ukraine director Nick Bilogorskiy was among the dozens of people hiking to Mission Peak, where the group placed several Ukrainian flags. Meanwhile, Nova Ukraine’s Vlad Dergunov, along with many others, joined together for a celebratory run on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

On August 24, Nova Ukraine directors Michael Simbirsky, Igor Markov, and Nick Bilogorskiy, joined by his wife Anna, met with San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan. Mayor Mahan presented the San Jose City Council proclamation on occasion of Ukraine’s Independence Day. Ukrainian National Women’s League of America representatives and Anna Zaychenko of Consulate General of Ukraine also attended the meeting.

Later in the day, Igor Markov, Nick and Anna Bilogorskiy, as well as Rodion Yaryy and Larisa Naduhovskaya, attended the flag-raising ceremony and reception at the San Francisco City Hall with Mayor London Breed, MP Halyna Yanchenko, and Consul General Kushneryk. Additionally, the reception was attended by representatives of Ukrainian-American Coordinating Council, Leleka, and other Ukrainian organizations, as well as foreign diplomats.

On August 29, Igor Markov and Nick Bilogorskiy attended a Santa Clara City Council meeting, where Mayor Lisa Gillmor presented a proclamation on occasion of Ukraine’s Independence Day. Consul Kushneryk gave a heartfelt speech. Members of other Ukrainian organizations were also present at the meeting. 

The active participation and recognition from local governments, from San Francisco to Santa Clara, serves to us as a heartening sign of unity and support from the U.S. community towards the Ukrainian diaspora.

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