Ukraine’s Amputee Numbers Surge, Echoing World War I Era

Fighting at Ukrainian battlefields is taking a toll. The number of amputees in Ukraine has now reached the scale seen in the aftermath of World War I when mass use of field artillery left numerous soldiers on all sides without limbs.

As a result of the war, an estimated 20,000 to 50,000 Ukrainians have had to undergo amputations, often losing one or more limbs. After 500 days of brutal fighting, this once-unimaginable statistic has become a stark and painful reality. The lives of many men and women have been forever altered, their dreams disrupted, and their futures and livelihoods cast into uncertainty.

Our Partnership with Protez Hub Foundation

Nova Ukraine is proud to collaborate with the Protez Hub Foundation, an organization championing the development of the limb prosthetics industry in Ukraine. Together, we aim to provide a comprehensive resource for everything related to limb prosthetics in Ukraine, from essential information for the injured to a list of service providers and free educational courses for professionals.

To give you a glimpse into the impact we’ve achieved together already, we share a few recent stories of resilience.

A new life and a dream fulfilled

Nazar is a violinist. When he lost his right arm at shoulder level, he thought he would no longer be able to play his favorite instrument. Today, Nazar plays and will continue to improve. This became possible thanks to the exceptional skill and experience of prosthetist Denys Nagornyi (of the “Bez Obmezhen” enterprise).

Listen to Nazar’s performance

First steps, again

Roman lost both an arm and a leg in the war. Now, he must learn to walk again and use an arm prosthesis to pick up items. The photograph shows how Roman makes his first step in a leg prosthesis.

Read Roman’s full story

In Ukraine, hope is being born from adversity, and every donation and social share makes it easier for us to help individuals like Nazar and Roman rebuild their lives.

Our partner’s expert knowledge and the resources we developed make it possible to support this remarkable initiative with your help.

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