Kakhovka Dam’s Destruction Unleashed New Level of Devastation

On June 6, thousands of people in Southern Ukraine woke up surrounded by floods.

Amid a grueling, brutal military conflict, Russian troops blew up the large Kakhovka Dam. The explosion released a body of water comparable to Utah’s Great Salt Lake. Critical infrastructure was destroyed from Zaporizhzhia to Kherson and all the way to the Black Sea.

Electricity knocked out. Drinking water disrupted. Farmland destroyed. 20,000 animals drowned. Dozens of settlements swept away. Ukraine estimates the damages to be at least 1.3 billion dollars, with heavy additional long-term ecological costs.

Thousands of families, many now homeless, desperately waited for help.

Within 24 hours, Nova Ukraine teams and partners reached the disaster area.

Your generosity provided us with $50K in donations on the very first day. Over $126K was raised this month through the Facebook Fundraiser, in addition to significant support from our institutional partners like Global Giving.

Nova Ukraine and our partners on the ground were able to put these funds to use right away. We purchased 10 massive drainage pumps, waders, drinking water, hygiene products, and first aid kits.

During this month, Nova Ukraine responded quickly with:

Nova Ukraine is thankful for donations already made, and we are pleading for additional support so we can continue to provide humanitarian aid, evacuate people and animals, and support the remaining life near Kherson.

Nova Ukraine remains committed to supporting the Region and its communities in their long-term recovery. Please consider donating monthly!

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