Neonatal Support From Nova Ukraine

Childbirth is difficult and emotional even in the safest hospitals, and there are myriad complications that can suddenly arise and force mothers and doctors to make difficult decisions. After birth, an infant needs care and stability.

In many hospitals throughout Ukraine, however, even basic items and equipment for childbirth are in short supply. Many hospitals still maintain Soviet-era equipment, and of course, with Russia bombing critical infrastructure, some hospitals have had to operate in conditions of energy scarcity.

And then there are those mothers who are forced to give birth without any professional care and few if any, medical options in basements and bunkers. Far from the peace and security that newborns deserve, they experience the beginnings of their lives within the range of artillery shells.

Nova Ukraine and our partners, including ZDOROVI distributing agency, have worked hard to put donations to use, supplying hospitals around Ukraine with essential modern medical equipment. Neonatal support had gone out to more than 34 hospitals in 16 regions as of March 2023, and we have continued our efforts since, recently reaching more than 50 clinics in need of neonatal care supplies. 

These deliveries include tech such as portable incubators that stabilize infants’ temperature and keep them comfortable, and which can be readily removed to safer locations in the event of shelling or air strikes. Other incubators are specifically designed to transport babies safely in ambulances and evacuation vehicles. The latest delivery of incubators and ventilators included equipment from GE, ATOM, and Dräger.

An illustrative example of the impact can be found in Pavlohrad, which still uses gynecological beds from the early ‘60s and children’s beds from the mid-’80s, received 30 new baby cots, a modern gynecological examination chair, and three skin temperature sensors, along with 500 more gynecological examination kits. It is influxes of equipment like these that allow doctors to continue to welcome new Ukrainian life into the world, even in the darkest of times.

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