Your donation will provide emergency relief and help grow our efforts in assisting Ukrainians with humanitarian aid during this war.

Who We Are

Nova Ukraine is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine and raising awareness about Ukraine in the United States and throughout the world. Thanks to your generous donations, we fund a variety of projects to help the people of Ukraine and to strengthen Ukraine’s democratic society. The Nova Ukraine team and volunteers have been working tirelessly to help people in need. We greatly appreciate the overwhelming support from all of you!

Our Impact So Far

Since 2014, we have raised tens of millions of dollars thanks to the incredible support of donors like you. We rely on the work of unpaid volunteers, some of whom have taken time off work or even quit their jobs to help coordinate humanitarian aid for Ukraine. Since the war began we have distributed $31.2 million, with a majority of spending devoted to life-saving medical aid. More than 98% of that has gone directly to humanitarian aid.

The Impact of Your Donations

$31.2MSpentSept 28, 2022
2,017,678+Meals Served
8,346+Tons of
Aid Delivered
93,277+People and Animals Evacuated
416,073+Aid Packages Delivered
3,517+Volunteers in Ukraine
2,947,326+People Helped

Ongoing Projects

Latest News

  • Delivering Medications by Supporting Local Ukrainian Pharma Darnitsa

    Delivering Medications by Supporting Local Ukrainian Pharma Darnitsa

    At the beginning of the war, people bought medications in bulk, standing in lines for several hours as they feared being left without vital medications. In the fifth month of…


  • Helping Disabled Ukrainians with NGO “I Know You Can”

    Helping Disabled Ukrainians with NGO “I Know You Can”

    Since the start of the war in Ukraine vulnerable demographics within the country have been disproportionately impacted often due to their limited mobility. Elderly people, the sick, and families with…


  • Animal Welfare Spending Report

    Animal Welfare Spending Report

    To address the growing number of requests for animal sterilizations, Nova Ukraine has partnered with Animal SOS, a pilot program in Odesa to provide these  procedures at no cost for homeless animals at seven veterinary clinics. The veterinary specialists generously offer to provide these procedures at cost for Nova Ukraine so that we can, in turn, offer these services free of charge to volunteers on the ground. 


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