Floodwaters Devastate Dozens of Towns in Ukraine

On June 6, parts of the Kherson region in Southern Ukraine were devastated by floodwaters from the Kakhovka dam, and the region is now facing a “monumental humanitarian, economic, and ecological catastrophe.”

Families, including children and the elderly, sought refuge on rooftops, watching their lives being swept away. The scale of this crisis is immense and one of the most significant challenges Ukraine has faced during the 15-month invasion by Russia.

To ensure an effective response, Nova Ukraine joined forces with the Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco (for media and information support) and the Emergency Services of Ukraine for local coordination in Kherson.

A Nova Ukraine team and several of our partner teams reached Kherson the next day, June 7, 2023. Thanks to your generous donations:

Nova Ukraine funded critical aid and evacuations of Kherson residents, people and their animals (donate to help animals).

We also funded, purchased, and delivered essential supplies and equipment, such as water pumps and pipes, to address the devastating damages caused by extreme flooding.

Help us to continue supporting first responders near Kherson!

The region still lacks basic resources like clean water, food, and medicine! The situation is changing as flooding starts to recede, exposing devastation previously hidden from our eyes. Fungal growth and the risk of infectious diseases are rising, whereas urban cleanup and building repairs will be starting soon, despite artillery shelling by the occupiers from across the Dnieper.

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Thank you for your kindness. Glory to Ukraine.

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