Volunteer Metalworkers Turn to Heating Homes

Civilians throughout Ukraine are dealing with shortages of heating and electricity.  As winter sets in, Russia is focused on destroying the electrical grids and power plants of Ukraine’s cities to create as much hardship as possible.  Heating and water systems are heavily damaged, and for those who live in or near frontline towns, essential daily routines such as cooking, cleaning, and bathing have become luxuries.

Finding ways to heat living spaces is especially urgent.  Bombardments have destroyed or damaged many homes, making them uninhabitable.  Many people have relocated to basements or live in inadequate shelters that were never intended for residential use.  They lack proper insulation and heating systems.  Nova Ukraine is partnering with volunteers and metalworkers to build simple, portable, and effective wood-burning stoves for families and small groups of people to use for cooking, boiling water, and heating small living quarters.


From a former art and design space in Zaporizhia to a small manufactory in Odesa, volunteer metalworkers are producing hundreds and thousands of potbelly and rocket stoves of different sizes and capacities.  Nova Ukraine volunteers deliver these stoves to areas that have been hardest hit by outages, enabling the people to receive them to provide themselves with some of the basic necessities for surviving a cold winter: hot food, sanitized water, and a warm room.

Your donations and support for Nova Ukraine and Ukraine’s people come at a critical time.  With your support, Nova Ukraine and its partners can keep providing  vital equipment to those who continue to suffer the most from Russia’s unconscionable war.

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