Heart2Heart – Humanitarian Aid

This project ended in 2019. See our donate page for ways to help in the current crisis.


Heart2Heart: Humanitarian Aid to most vulnerable Ukrainians

Project Updates: 20182019

The goal of this project is to help and to support the most vulnerable Ukrainians in need that cannot get help the other way. We collect, sort, and deliver donations to volunteers in Ukraine, who pass them hand-to-hand, heart-to-heart, and family-to-family. Our project helps families in need, people with disabilities, children of fallen ATO soldiers, and children in boarding schools, orphanages, and hospitals. We gather clothes, food, and medication and deliver it to most vulnerable people across Ukraine, not including temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. 

Mission: Love & Solidarity

Our humanitarian mission is one of love and solidarity with our fellow Ukrainians. It is a volunteer-driven, the non-profit mission that depends on your and our willingness to help. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, where we gather, sort, and then deliver care packages to the delivery company “MEEST” (Sacramento) for their final transportation to Ukraine. We also courier donations with people that are flying to Ukraine from San Francisco and other cities of Bay Area, that are willing to help Ukrainians in need. While some people are able to take a few care packages with them, others take full bags - everybody does what they can.

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