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Donate to Nova Ukraine

One of the best ways to help is to donate funds to Nova Ukraine. Please see details on our Donate to Nova Ukraine page.

Help Ukrainian Refugees

Over 100,000 Ukrainian refugees who fled the war have arrived in the U.S. They need your help!

  • Become a host.
    • If you have a spare bedroom or a guest house, you can sign up to host refugees for a few days or a few months.
  • Become a refugee-friendly landlord.
    • Ukrainians have started to receive their work authorizations. But with no credit history, it’s difficult to rent a place on their own.
  • Donate Funds, old electronics or a used car.
    • 100% of your funds will go directly to families to help them cover short-term housing and deposits.

Donate Your Time and Skills

There are many ways in which you can volunteer with us – we are looking for people with various backgrounds, talents, skill levels and expertise.  You can support Nova Ukraine by volunteering your time for one of our open roles or becoming an advocate in your local community:

  • Help us to organize lectures and presentations
  • Help to organize fundraisers and events
  • Help us to partner with new organizations
  • Subscribe to our newsletter and spread the word about Ukraine.

Disclaimer: All open positions are non-paid volunteering positions

If you don’t see existing positions on that much your interests, leave your information here.

Host a Fundraiser for Nova Ukraine

For those who are ready to start fundraising on the web, the best ways to fundraise are:

Both of these platforms allow you to see how much has been donated so far and set fundraising goals.

We also encourage individuals and small businesses to get creative in starting their own fundraiser benefiting Nova Ukraine. Please utilize our brand kit when making materials for your fundraiser, and notify us of the fundraiser by reaching out to [email protected] so that we may amplify it on our social media and website.

Nova Ukraine Brand Kit »

Display Flyers for Nova Ukraine

If you are a small business owner, please consider displaying one of our flyers in your store or business window, especially in high-traffic areas.
You can find our pre-made flyers here: Help Ukraine Printable Flyers »

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