Some of the Animal Rescues We Support in Ukraine

As the war rages in Ukraine, animals have been caught in the crossfire, with the situation growing more dire every day. To help this crisis, Nova Ukraine is currently supporting several animal welfare organizations and volunteers that are caring for these injured and stranded animals across Ukraine. These brave volunteers have refused to evacuate until they know all of the animals in their care are safe and cared for. These are just some of the animal rescues we support in Ukraine.

  • Soul of a Tramp (Душа Бродяги) – Mykolaiv region: Built by two owners with the help of volunteers, Soul of a Tramp is an oasis for over 150 animals, including cats, a raccoon, dogs, hedgehogs, birds and fish. They provide beautiful accommodations for  homeless, abandoned, injured, sick and old animals. They have been under fire for weeks, with the situation deteriorating rapidly over the last several days. Much of the property has been destroyed. We are currently evacuating the animals to safer locations.
  • Animal Rescue of Kharkiv (Порятунок Тварин Харкiв) – Kharkiv region: Over the past month, they have evacuated over 700 animals to various European cities and helped reunite owners with their pets. They are also developing veterinary care to treat injured and sick animals prior to transportation outside of the country. The organization works primarily with dogs, cats, hamsters and birds, providing assistance to animals at all hours of the day and night.
  • “12 Months” Zoo (Парк Счастливых Животных XII Месяцев) Kyiv region: A modern, humane zoo built in accordance with European standards, they house over 100 species of animals in buildings designed to reflect each animal’s real-life habitat.
  • Wild Animal Rescue (Порятунок диких тварин) Kyiv region: They shelter and rehabilitate wild animals, with the goal of releasing them back to nature. The organization recently opened their doors as a transitional station for animals being evacuated to Western Ukraine and Europe. They are currently housing around 80 animals total, including horses, deer, foxes, wolves, raccoons and a lion.
  • Olga Mironova – Mykolaiv: An independent volunteer with years of experience working  at the Mykolaiv Animal Rights Center, Olga opened her doors to sick, old and abandoned animals. She supports around 30 animals, including dogs, cats and birds.
  • Our Dear Home “CHAPA” (Наш Милый дом ЧАПА) – Mykolaiv: Opened by two brave and dedicated volunteers who transformed their family home into a shelter that welcomes animals in need, they are now caring for 39 animals, including dogs and cats.
Pups from Kharkiv are arriving all over Europe. This group of lucky dogs has arrived to a humane shelter in Latvia, where they will be adopted out to local families.
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