Terzyul14 Biographical Documentary

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🇺🇦 Terzyul 14 –  A documentary about Ukrainian Alpinist

A biographical documentary about Vladyslav Terzyul, Ukraine’s only alpinist to reach the summits of all 14 eight-thousand meter peaks. No Oxygen, no sherpas, no guides. Something that only less than 25 people achieved worldwide. To every summit he carried his courage, strength, good humor and the Ukrainian flag.

🎞 Logline

Living and working at the Sea Level near Odesa, Vladyslav Terzyul became the only Ukrainian to summit all the 14 world’s highest peaks. We follow his journey via his videos and diary entries from each mountain discovering the beauty, challenges and never-ending magic and ultimate testing in the world of the big mountain climbing.

📽️ 🇺🇦 Project Goals

  • Honor the memory and outstanding big mountain climbing achievement of Vladyslav Terzyul
  • Give a life to the unique collection of video and photo archives taken by Vladyslav himself as he climbed around the world
  • World wide film festival representation with the documentary made in Ukraine
  • Promote healthy lifestyle and outdoors in Ukraine

#Terzyul14 Project History

Terzyul14 project – is a series of projects and materials aiming to raise awareness about Vladyslav Terzyul. Vladyslav died in 2004 on Makalu, on his way down from his last 14th summit. Today, 17 years later, #terzyul14 is a series of projects to honor Vladyslav’s memory and includes:

  1. Raising general awareness about Vladyslav and his achievement (media coverage, posts from his daughters, etc)
  2. The translation of the book about Vladyslav from Russian into Ukrainian. Completed, order here in Ukraine.
  3. Broad Peak 2021 Expedition (world’s 12th highest mountain in the world) by Yulia Zi (the author of Terzyul14 project)

 🎬 🎶 8000m peaks background 

There are 14 of them. The first 8000m peak ever climbed successfully was Annapurna, achieved by a French expedition in 1950. Everest was not climbed until 1956. Since then many climbers from all over the world have tried. Many perished. To this date, in 71 years of big mountain climbing history, only close to 50 people have summited all of the 14. Less than 25 did it without a supplemental oxygen. So when I came across the Ukrainian flag on those Wikipedia pages, my heart has skipped a beat. It skipped another one, when I read that the alpinist was also from the South of Ukraine, living and working at sea level near the Black Sea (close to where I was born) but managing to climb the world’s highest peaks. I kept on reading, hungry for any information I could find about Vladyslav Terzyul, the first and only Ukrainian who has been to the top of all fourteen 8000m peaks. And without supplemental oxygen!

🏆 ⛰️ 🌎 Vladyslav’s Climbing Record

1993 – Kanchenjunga, east ridge, International Expedition

1994 – K2, Abruzzi route, Ukrainian Expedition/Odessa Alpine Club

1995 – Broad Peak Forepeak, west edge and north ridge, International Expedition

1996 – Gasherbrum II, classic route, International Expedition

1996 – Annapurna, northwest ridge, new route, Polish International Expedition

1997 – Nanga Parbat, 1997, Diamir face, Ukrainian Expedition

1999 – Everest, classic route from the north, Ukrainian National Expedition

2000 – Shishapangma Central, classic route. Ukrainian National Expedition

2000 – Cho Oyu, classic route, solo

2001 – Manaslu, southeast ridge, new route, Ukrainian National Expedition.

2002 – Lhotse, Odessa Alpclub expedition

2002 – Dhaulagiri

2003 – Gasherbrum I

2004 – Makalu, west ridge, died during the descent

📽️🙋 About the Director Iryna Pravylo and Right Time Studios

Ukrainian film director, screenwriter, producer, member of the NGO “Congress of Cultural Activists”, associate professor of the Institute of Screen Arts of Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University, member of the National Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine, Co-founder and CEO of the «Right Time Studios»
Right Time Studios team with the daughter of Vladyslav Terzyul
left to right: Iryna Pravylo, Julia Terzyul, Yulia Zi, Oleksandr Meshcheryakov

Work with Archives

50+ hours of video, 1000+ photographs, 100+ letters and filed notes = all of these precious archives created and left to us by Vladyslav himself will be carefully audited, restored, categorized, transferred and combined with modern shooting with high resolution and make film to meet world’s cinema standards.

Plans for Film Festivals

The team is planning to present the film at many film festivals in Ukraine and worldwide.

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