Our Team

Ostap Korkuna
Director / Co-Chairman
I was born and raised in Lviv. Graduated from Lviv National University with masters degree in Applied Math, and soon after that in 2009 moved to California to become a software engineer at Facebook. I try to visit Ukraine often to keep strong social and professional ties with my Homeland. I became one of the founding members of Nova Ukraine, because I strongly believe that no matter where we are geographically, we can find ways to effectively help Ukraine when it needs us.
Milena Naymark
Director, Finance
I was born and grew up in Kiev. In 1991 left for US (NY) and since 2005 - in SF Bay Area. I started Nova Ukraine in 2014 and was CFO and Vice-President. I'm on Board of Directors now an am responsible for legal and financial. I hope to be able to make a difference for Ukraine, as our organization develops and becomes stronger by our joint humanitarian efforts with other US-based Ukrainian non-profits. I see my main contribution in the fields of education and raising awareness.
Michael Simbirsky
Grew up in Kharkiv, Ukraine, studying mathematics. In mid-90s lived in Israel and then moved to California as a software engineer. I joined Nova Ukraine in 2014 to assist internally displaced persons. Now I coordinate educational projects and help to collect "Computers for Ukraine
Mikola (Nick) Bilogorskiy
I grew up in Kharkiv, Ukraine. I am a computer security software executive in Silicon Valley. I started Nova Ukraine in 2014 to give the young people in our diaspora a voice and a simple way to help Ukraine. I love giving back and feeling connected to my roots in Ukraine.
Rodion Yaryy

I grew up in Odesa, Ukraine and moved to the United States to further my education. I am passionate about software engineering, mathematics, and teaching. I joined Nova Ukraine first as a volunteer and later as a board member, because I want to see my country as a strong European nation with eradicated corruption and greater access to education. I want to be a part of critical mass that will make a change in Ukrainian society. 

Igor Markov
Igor Markov is currently a Research Scientist at Facebook, focusing on content quality and social dynamics. He previously worked on search at Google, and on computer-aided chip design at Synopsis. He was also a Professor at the University of Michigan and a Visiting Professor at Stanford. He co-authored five books and over 200 peer-reviewed publications. Twelve Ph.D. degrees were completed under his guidance. At Nova Ukraine, Dr. Markov curates COVID response, overall advertising efforts, publicity materials, and other projects.
Tina Carroll
Tina Carroll – from Kyiv, Ukraine. She holds diploma in Literature from Taras Shevchenko National University in Kyiv and Graduate degree in Accounting from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Her experience is mostly in corporate finance at a high tech company in Silicon Valley. Most of her family still lives in Ukraine. She has been always following very closely the events occurring in her home country and now inspired to work on helping the people of Ukraine with humanitarian add.
Anna Bietina
Volunteer, Heart2Heart
I was born in Kyiv and moved to the US in 2014. I was a volunteer at Maidan during the Revolution of Dignity, and then continued helping at the military hospital in Kyiv. I’ve been a part of Nova Ukraine for over 5 years now, and I am also the Heart2Heart Project coordinator. My motto is “With love, from California to Ukraine”.
Yana Rathman
I grew up in Kyiv, Ukraine and moved to San Francisco with my parents in 1989. I have over 20yrs of experience working in consulting and software industry (PwC, Oracle, Epiphany CRM, Cisco) as well as experience serving on boards of governors for several local Jewish philanthropy organizations. I have Master's degree in Education and my passion is improving educational opportunities in Ukraine.
Tatiana Teslenko

My native city is Kharkiv, Ukraine. I hold a PhD in English from Simon Fraser University in Canada and a Kandydat of Philological Sciences from Odesa University, Ukraine and am a Professor of Teaching in the Faculty of Applied Science and founder and inaugural director of Centre for Professional Skills Development at University of British Columbia. I launched several educational programs, authored and co-authored two textbooks, two books, and over thirty scholarly publications. I became involved with several projects of Nova Ukraine since its foundation in 2014.

Olena Bilko
Volunteer, Cultural Hub Project Coordinator

Was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. In 2007 moved to Toronto, Canada, where worked for one of the biggest telecom companies. Actively participated in Toronto Ukrainian festivals as well as performed Ukrainian dances for different international events in Canada and the US. In 2014, I moved to San Francisco. Happy to be a part of the Nova Ukraine volunteers and bring my valuable contribution in helping different categories of people who live in Ukraine.

Yulia Zi
Volunteer, UA Film
One of the original founding members of Nova Ukraine and the author of that name back in 2014, I am now involved as a volunteer.  I aim to invest my time both here in California and back in Ukraine in projects with the most impact. Born and raised in Mykolayiv, Ukraine, I have been living in San Francisco since 2007. My professional background is in business growth and creative management. The current area of interest: creative industries of Ukraine, especially UA Film. When I am not working or volunteering for a better Ukraine, I chase type2 fun in the great outdoors.
Aly Owens
Volunteer, Seattle

Born in Izmail, Odesa region of Ukraine, I studied at Kyiv National Linguistic University where I gained a philologist and operations management bachelor degrees. Later on I moved to the US where I continued my education in project management. As I kept getting immersed in American culture I also felt a need to support Ukrainian projects during Maidan revolution and thereafter. I hope we can continue supporting social justice, education and other important projects in our beloved Ukraine. 

Katya Lonska
Born in Ukraine, being a proud Ukrainian, I joined Nova Ukraine once I moved to the USA. Together with Nova Ukraine, I am more capable to help my country to become stronger and happier. Our projects aim at the vulnerable part of the Ukrainian Society but also raise awareness about Ukraine throughout the world. Happy to be a part of this great organization and take an active part in our programs.
Artem Volos

I am from Kalush, Ivano Frankivsk Region. Moved to the United States in 2006, spent 10 years in Miami, now living in the Bay Area. Co-founder of clutchprep.com - an ed-tech startup. I joined Nova Ukraine, because of my desire to help realize the amazing potential of our nation and its citizens. We are capable of doing so much and it's time for the world to see it.

Anna Shevchenko
Born and raised in Kyiv, I immigrated to USA in 2009, and lived in Hawaii for the first 5 years. Now, I’m a Bay Area’s resident, and a proud Google employee. Ever since high school, I was interested in Ukraine’s future, and fulfilled this interest during the Orange Revolution by volunteering, and spending a few nights in Maidan tents. Nova Ukraine has been a great medium to realize my passion further. 
Oksana Tumko
Volunteer, Animal-id Project Coordinator

I was born in Kyiv and came to the US in 2001. I've graduated from Kyiv's Linguistic University but switched career later and work as an esthetician now. I joined Nova Ukraine as a volunteer to lead the "Animal-id" project that aimed to solve a stray animal problem in Ukraine and around the globe. I really admire the organization's efforts to help our beloved Ukraine!

Konstantin Kisly
I was born in Simferopol, Crimea. I moved to USA in 2007. I have a Ph.D. in Chemistry. I got involved with Nova Ukraine from the very beginning because I was alerted to the bad situation with democracy in my native country, Ukraine.
Michael Prishlyak
Born and raised in Lviv. Saw the world. During the Revolution of Dignity lived in Kyiv. Love sailing. Joined Nova Ukraine with strong belief that even being far from motherland one can helpful and do good to benefit Ukraine.
Natalia Kolosov
Financial Analyst
Natalia Kolosov grew up in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. She pursued her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Corporate Finance in Germany and has several years of experience working as Financial Analyst in different industries. At Nova Ukraine Natalia is responsible for financial analysis, planning, budgeting, and reporting. She also leads Civil Society programs.
Sergey Povzner
I was born and grew up in Kyiv, Ukraine and moved to San Francisco in 1999. I’m a software engineer, entrepreneur and activist. I joined Nova Ukraine because I want to help Ukraine become a strong independent democratic country.
Maria Prishlyak
I am from Lviv, Ukraine. I work in HR and enjoy outdoor activities in my free time. I joined NovaUkraine because I want remain connected to my motherland and help it become a civil society with many career and educational opportunities.
Svitlana Tsukanova
I moved to California from Mykolayiv, Ukraine in 2011. I hold Master's degree in Child Education from Ukraine and degree in Accounting and Taxation from De Anza College. Joined NovaUkraine in 2014. I have a passion to support vulnerable groups in Ukraine: orphanages, refugees’ kids and those who lost parents in ATO.
Roman Korol
Volunteer, Teach for Ukraine
I grew up in Lutsk and moved to Toronto in 2014 and to California in 2018. Through highs and lows, I am a diligent supporter of the Youth organizations in Ukraine and an active member of the diaspora in Toronto and Los Angeles. I am passionate about education and I believe that opportunities for students lead to strong, prosperous and forward-looking communities.
Veronika Lamshon
PR Specialist
Irina Ellis
Julia Babenko
Daria Korkuna
Kateryna Slyozko
Halyna Yakub


There are many ways in which you can volunteer with us – we are looking for people with various backgrounds, talents, skill levels and expertise. Together we can build new Ukraine!

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