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Supporting Akhiezer Foundation

For the last several years, Nova Ukraine has been supporting young scientists and students in Ukraine thought a variety of partnerships and initiatives. This includes supporting Akhiezer Foundation.

Akhiezer Foundation was created in 2005 to support mathematical sciences in Kharkiv, Ukraine. It provides fellowships and grants to college students, post-graduates and young scientists to allow them to pursue their interest in mathematics.

Ukrainian mathematical traditions remain strong. Local students, both boys and girls, consistently win medals at International Mathematical Olympiads, European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad, etc.

However, pursuing careers in academia, particularly in math, remains to be economically hard in Ukraine. The Foundation tries to revert this trend.

Foundation was created by Michael Brin (University of Maryland). It is named after Naum Akhiezer, one of the most prominent Kharkiv mathematicians. He made significant contributions to mathematical physics, spectral theory and complex analysis (Baker-Akhiezer function, Akhiezer polynomials, etc.).

Naum Akhiezer always emphasized mathematical education for young people. He was the organizer of Kharkiv Liceum for physics and mathematics, then –“27th school”, a high school for children gifted in abstract sciences.

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