Moy gorod: Odesa social crowdfunding platform

Social platform “Moy gorod”(my city) is a nonprofit organization, registered in Ukraine, included in Non-profitable Organisations Tax Register (code 0006). It is formed for purposes which, according to its bylaws, shall be organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. The Organization is formed to foster civil society and Odessa city development  through the implementation of social projects with the help of a network of engaged citizens, volunteers, experts, organizations, activists and human rights advocates.

We want to bring together active citizens who are ready to improve Odessa.
We want to show them that they are not alone.
We want to inspire other citizens by their example.

Issues we have?

Leftover soviet mentality. People are unable to resolve larger scale issues by themselves.
Corrupt governmental system. We’ve got no hope in government to resolve our issues.
Lack of public forum. There`s no accesible place for active citizens to accumulate their efforts.

Which way do we want to solve this issues with our platform?

1. Odessa citizens come up with social project ideas.
2. Other citizens are willing to fund some of these projects.
3. And others offer their help in bringing these projects to life.

What we do:
  • implementing social projects,
  • spreading ideas,
  • uniting teams,
  • encouraging volunteers.

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