‘Motley Raccoons’ summer camp

“Motley Raccoons” — active summer camp for Ukrainian children by Ukrainian war veterans.

Motley Raccoons (Ukr. “Строкаті Єноти”) is a children’s camp founded by veterans. This camp engages children between 8 and 18 y.o. into sports, traveling, art and communication striving to raise active and patriotic Ukrainian youth. A few important things make this camp different from the variety of camps in Ukraine.

First of all, it was founded by a veteran, who went through war and an injury and decided to take active part in civil life. Supported by comrades and volunteers he leaded a camp which was first only for the children of other veterans, but now has grown into a big summer camp for active young people who love physical and outdoor activities. The team of soul mates has grown up to about 15 instructors, who are willing to share their time, experience and knowledge with children.

This camp offers a variety of fun activities in a picturesque location in western Ukraine. Rafting, rock-climbing, orienteering, hiking and camping, tactical games, history lessons and Q&A sessions, art lessons, talent shows and themed nights – all these things leave no space for boredom or gadgets.

Learn more

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/strokatienoty/
Web site: https://strokatienoty.club/
Press about the camp (in Ukrainian): Censor.net

Why we got involved

Motley Raccoons camp is a social initiative, as it offers discounts for families of veterans, servicemen and refugees. Moreover, children of veterans with heavy injuries, disabilities and children of those killed in action participate in the camp for free.

What are we raising money for?

Across 4 summer camps planned for the summer of 2019 the team have set a goal to fundraise to cover the expenses for 100 children of war veterans (who’s parents are injured or deceased). The cost of hosting one child is 5000 UAH (~$200) and the team already found the means to pay for 70 children.
Your donations will go towards covering the costs for the remaining 30 children. Any donations in excess of that will go towards the future camps, since we’re planning to continue supporting Motley Raccoons camp going forward.


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