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ENGin Program: Practice English from Home

🎓 Nova Ukraine is excited to support a new educational project – ENGin (https://www.enginprogram.org/)

🇺🇦 🌎 ENGin is a nonprofit initiative providing free, high-quality speaking practice for English learners in Ukraine while offering English speakers all over the world a flexible and rewarding volunteer opportunity. We work with high school and college-age students. Learn more about the ENGin team here.

How does ENGin program work? 

💻 ENGin pairs English learners with English-speaking peers from around the world to conduct weekly online speaking sessions. Every learner and volunteer is screened to ensure their fit for the program. Participants are then matched based on preferences, interests, and availability to ensure an effective and mutually enjoyable communication experience. After a match is made, ENGin supports learners and volunteers throughout their participation in the program with tips, resources, and problem resolution.

Join ENGin as a volunteer!  

👩‍🎓🧑‍🎓 ENGin is currently looking for more English-speaking volunteers ages 14-22 to join their team. It is a great opportunity to meet a friend across the world! Sign up here: https://www.enginprogram.org/volunteer

ℹ️ Why Volunteer with ENGin?

  • Make an impact without leaving your room: ENGin offers a unique opportunity to make a difference in another student’s life, all from your laptop or phone.
  • Create your own schedule: It can be tough to fit volunteer hours into a busy schedule! ENGin offers volunteers maximum flexibility: you decide when to schedule speaking sessions with your student.
  • Connect with peers across the globe: The opportunity for intercultural exchange is one of the best aspects of our program. Learn about a new culture and share stories about your own life.
  • Get valuable one-on-one tutoring experience: With resources and support from our team, you’ll gain valuable skills such as asking good questions and forming a strong working relationship with a pee

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