Humanitarian Aid

Nova Ukraine transfers donations directly to victims of violence in Ukraine or their families.  This includes those who were injured during Euromaidan events as well as families of the  Heavenly Hundred. More than $30,000 USD  has been sent so far.
Nova Ukraine is seeking ways to help American families adopt Ukraine orphans. Please join our working group to help with this project.
We find  and acquire medical equipment in  USA and donate it to Ukrainian hospitals.

Helping Children of Maidan

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Thirty children, whose parents were wounded or killed on Maidan during the winter clashes, went on vacation in Sweden and Bulgaria. Some were helped by volunteers, some by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.  Nova Ukraine allocated $900 for the Swedish project.
Aeroport Swedish project
The story of each of these children is tragic, but with the happy ending. Their parents were nearly killed on Maidan; they received severe, live-threatening injuries.
Ekaterina, a local of Kyiv, is a mother of 4. She was a volunteer on Maidan in February, helping the injured. She got a severe back injury, when a hand grenade hit her back. Her pictures were all over the internet.
“On February 18th, when the peaceful demonstration turned into a violent one, I was the last one to walk. Suddenly, a hand-grenade hit my back”.
Natalya from Kolomya, a city in Western Ukraine, is also sending her children to Sweden. Her husband was injured on Maidan. Even though he is ashamed to admit it, his injuries are severe and bother him still.
“My husband received four firearm injuries; he underwent five surgeries in Kyiv and one in Germany.”
Sergey from Khmelnitsky, a city in Western Ukraine, still walks with a cane. In the video you can see him lying on the ground, injured. It was on Institutska Street in Kyiv.
“I was injured by a sniper on February 20th on Institutska Street. The bullet hit my hips, ruptured the vein on the left side. My belt saved my life; I tightened it around my vein to stop the bleeding”.
The children of Ekaterina, Natalya, Sergey and others injured on Maidan are flying to Sweden for a week.
The first group consists of 22 children, the second, 20. They will be housed and sponsored by a good will volunteer near Stockholm. The children will live in her house, will go on tours and will have an opportunity to see how people live in Europe. Europe, that their parents are fighting for!
There is another group of children united by a worse grief: Their fathers are in the “Heavenly Hundred,” the group of activists who died on Maidan.
“Look what kind of defense our guys had…a lid from the washing machine…a fishing pole…”
“My dad”…
Where is your father now?
“In Heaven”
What is he doing there?
“Watching over me”…
The story of this family is similar. “The child does not answer questions about her father…barely holding tears…”-grandma says.
Larysa, a local of Zhmerynka, a city in Western Ukraine:
“She still misses her father; he used to call in the morning, in the evening, even when he lived on Maidan”.
The Bulgarian side will pay for 10 children and 7 adults to vacation in Bulgaria. Next week the second group of children will depart.
For the original text in Russian and Ukrainian see the NTN website.
Young Ukrainian Students in Vancouver
This summer Ukrainians of Vancouver will be welcoming a group of young students from Ukraine who will be participating in a summer program and taking ESL classes at the Canadian College of English Language. This program is organized by O.W.L.Ukrainian Canadian Education and Charity Trust in response to the tragic revolutionary events of winter 2013/14 that changed Ukraine and Ukrainians forever.

Among our participants are children whose fathers were shot by snipers at Maidan and those whose fathers survived after being shot or burned, young activists that got severe physical injuries, and orphans. Tragic events left scars in the hearts of many people in Ukraine and abroad, but especially those young students that matured just in a few months.

We hope that their participation in this summer program will help them to improve their English, to meet new friends, and to experience our multicultural and democratic Canadian environment. We hope that our program would help them to recover after their psychological traumas, as they are  welcomed by their homestay families in Vancouver and explore our beautiful city in their free time. As we prepare our program for them we still rely on your help. Participation of each student has financial restrictions and we are still raising money towards their airfare, health insurance, public transit expenses, and meals.

A Family from Donetsk
A Nova Ukraine volunteer helped an internally displaced family of five from Donetsk to buy shoes and some other much needed personal items for their kids while their mother was at a hospital awaiting for the arrival of a new baby girl. Serhiy, the father of three (8, 9 and 11 years old) moved his family from Donetsk to Kyiv after witnessing their pro-Ukrainian neighbor being killed. The family packed in a hurry and using a network of volunteers left Donetsk for Kyiv.
Thank you for your donations!
Donetsk IDPs photo 2Donetsk IDPs photo 4  Donetsk IDPs photo 3 Donetsk IDPs photo 1

Helping Injured, Families of the Heavenly Hundred, and Internally Displaced Persons

After participating in the resettlement of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from the Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk,  an advocacy group realized the disastrous state of the issue. A decision was made to resume the work in a laid-up hotel “Djerelo” in Pushcha Vodytsya near Kyiv. Just in three days the group managed to prepare the abandoned hotel’s residential and technical facilities for the reception and resettlement of 149 adults and 53 children.
Everyone who’s been hosted at Djerelo is an internally displaced person. They lost all they had, they lost their health and suffered psychological and physical traumas, but they are a strong community. The IDPs themselves do all the work at Djerelo. However, they would not be able to survive without outside help. These people who used to be members of a peaceful society, are now victims of the situation in the country. They are looking forward to the end of war, so that they can return to their homes, meet their family and friends, and raise their children and appreciate every minute of peace.
Djerelo areas of focus:

  • Reception of IDP families, support and rehabilitation,
  • Medical, psychological, legal help,
  • Housing,
  • Job search assistance,
  • Assistance in the organization / business recovery refugees
  • Assistance working with local authorities

When Nova Ukraine transferred $500 to Djerelo, there were 180 adults and 40 children there.
Receipt BhanuDjerelo

Station Kharkiv
Nova Ukraine transferred $1000 of donated funds to Station Kharkiv, an organization of volunteers focused on helping internally displaced persons (IDPs) who were forced to move from Donbass and Crimea to Kharkiv. According to Zhenya Diss, one of the volunteers, the organization daily needs to buy $100-150 worth of supplies to assist up to 50 internally displaced families that rely on their help. There are pregnant women and there are many families with kids. Usually IDPs stay with their relatives and friends and are ready to go back as soon as it’s safe to do so.
Station Kharkiv has already used the funds to purchase some supplies for the IDPs. Additionally, they used the money to rent a room for a man called Dmitry who was forced to migrate internally twice – first from Crimea and then from the Eastern Ukraine. He did not have where to go. Despite being injured, he was able to find a job and will become self-sustainable after the first salary. Zhenya Diss wrote: “It’s a very cheap room in a good location. Usually, it’s quite difficult to place unmarried young men, but we were lucky to find one room with Nova financial help.”
Artem Zapototskyi
Zapototskiy Artem z sunomArtem Zapototskiy Receipt
With your help Nova Ukraine donated $500 for medical needs of Artem Zapototskyi who was shot by a sniper on Instytutska Street on February 20th. Bullet damaged his spine nerve and left Artem paralyzed. After several surgeries in Kiev, doctors didn’t believe he would be able to walk again. However, volunteers were able to collect funds and send him for treatment to Israel. After several months of treatment, Artem can move his upper body. He remains paralyzed from the waist down, however Israeli specialists outlined a long rehabilitation program of medications and exercises that can help him to start walking again.
Artem came back to Kiev on June 27th . He is from Lutsk and has a 6-year old son and a 1-year old daughter. Artem is looking forward to getting back to his work as a lawyer to help him through psychological rehabilitation as well.
Heavenly Hundred’s Ivan Blyok
Blok family picture
With your help Nova Ukraine provided $500 for a family of Ivan Blyok who was killed near Zhovtnevyi Palace by a sniper on February 20th. Ivan had three children – an 8-year old daughter and a 13-year old son, and a 21-year old daughter from his first marriage. According to his wife Nataliya Blyok, Ivan was not a fighter at all and hadn’t even served in the army. He was a very nice and peace loving man. However, he had a strong notion of fairness and during Maydan he didn’t want to remain passive and frequently went to Kyiv from his home town Horodok, Lviv Region, to join protesters.
On the night from February 18th to February 19th Ivan was getting too worried in front of his TV at home that too few people remained on Maidan and that the protest could be suppressed, so he left for Maidan again. He hugged his daughter Lilya who was seeing him off to the taxi cab and told her: “Goodbye, my child, I’ll come back as a hero!” Those were Ivan’s last words to his family.
In peaceful times Ivan frequently went to Germany to work in the construction and as a driver to support his family.
The aid was provided before the Government of Ukraine announced about finally starting disbursements of financial aid to the families of the Heavenly Hundred.
Blok family receipt

Serhiy Kalanzhanov

With your help we provided $500 for the urgent surgery needed for Serhiy Kalanzhanov whose hand and fingers were severely injured during confrontations on Institutska Street on February 18th. Serhiy was on Maidan since the first days of the protests. One of his friends Ustym Holodnyuk died during the confrontations. Serhiy had already gone through several surgeries, however he developed gangrene in one of his fingers due to remaining there fragments. The surgery was an attempt to clean the infected area in order to save his finger. Serhiy needed UAH 10,000 + for the surgery and medications. He was able to collect the necessary amount and had a surgery on June 27th at the Institute of Neurosurgery named after Romodanov. Ustym Holodnyuk’s father also donated money for Serhiy’s surgery. More details, an update on the surgery and photos to follow.
Thank you!
Heavenly Hundred’s Ihor Tkachuk
In the top left corner photo Ihor Tkachuk is celebrating his 37-th birthday with his family. He was killed during one of the attacks on EuroMaidan protesters in Kyiv in February, 2014. We transferred $500 to support his family.  On Tuesday, February 18th, 2014, as the situation in Kyiv was becoming dramatic he couldn’t watch the events on the TV, he couldn’t eat nor drink. He kept saying he had to be there, – Maria, Ihor’s 35 year old widow is telling us. She was begging him not to go and he replied: Do you think I am going there to die? I have young children to live for!
The final decision was made and off he went with his friend Yura. When the attack was announced he ran outside the Ukrainian House where they were staying in a light shirt and pants, only managing to grab the helmet. That’s how he was found later, shot in the temple. Maria is left with three children, Eugene, 17, Ivanna, 12, and Denis, 1 year old. They live in a small two-room wooden house, smeared with clay on the edge of Velika Kamenka village, Kolomiyskiy district, Ivano-Frankivsk Region.
Heavenly Hundred’s Mykola Pankiv
Nova Ukraine transferred $500 to the family of Mykola Pankiv, a Heavenly Hundred hero, who was shot dead by a sniper on February 20, 2014. The picture shows the receipt written by his widow and her photo.
“Today I visited the family of Mykola Pankiv, a Hero of Nebesna Sotnya. His wife Lesya met me in front of the gate of a beautiful, immaculate house. You could tell that every brick, every little part of the house was laid not only with hard work but also with love. At the same time you could tell that the renovation was far from being complete. Mykola was planning to finish everything when he would return. It didn’t happen. He died from a bullet of a sniper on February 20, 2014, on Instytutska Street. Now, she will have to take care of everything by herself. Mykola’s son, a nine-year-old boy, joined our conversation. It is hard to look the kid in the eye If adults can control their emotions, kids cannot. I was now looking at a sad boy, who was hugging his mom for support.
– I have two kids. I also have a daughter who is 13. Mykola raised them as true patriots. They both do karate, and the son also does martial hopak (*Ukrainian dance). I offered her to sign up the kids for summer camps that were organized by volunteers for children of Maydan Heros.
– I’m scared- was the widow’s simple answer.
Lesya is now afraid of everything: afraid of separatists, worries that they can hurt her children, punishing for their father.
At the end she thanked for the money. I told her to contact me if she needed any help. Lesya refused, saying she would not need any. I cast a glance at the front yard, incomplete house renovation, a couple of little kids, and realized what Mykola was like and why he was on Maydan. He believed that changes in the country could be accomplished only if you made your personal input. He didn’t stay in his village. He left his kids and the wife and went to Kyiv to change hard struggle to survive for peaceful, fair and decent life in the country.
Unfortunately, those who deserve to live the most, die. Mykola was 39 years old. Eternal glory to the Hero!”
– Ivanna, a Nova Ukraine’s contact in Lviv Oblast (*Region).

Ivan Filipovych

The first picture shows Ivan Filipovych before the tragic events in Kyiv, the second one is of him and his father after he was shot at twice on Maidan. We transferred $500 to help Ivan cover his medical expenses.
Ivan went to Maidan five times starting December 1 after students beatings, then again and then enrolled in one of Maidan’s hundreds – to fight for freedom against tyranny of Yanukovych and his government.
When he was leaving to Maidan for the last time and his sister was begging him not to go, he replied: “My brothers are being killed there!”
On February 19, 2014, of February he came to Kyiv for the last time. The first thing he saw out of the bus was black Khreshchatyk (*Kyiv main street) and smoke. They handed out the medications and food they brought with them and went to the front line. They stood there through the night. In the morning the police started a shooting attack. As he was saying – first he saw one man shot in front of him, he ran and brought a doctor.
Then he got shot himself.
One bullet got stuck in his head under the skin. The second came in under the eye and came out through the neck. 1 millimeter up or down and he would have been dead – either the brain or carotid would have been damaged. But he was lucky enough to stay alive.
He was first brought to October hospital in Kyiv, where he spent 2 days. Then he was transported to Poland for surgery and further treatment. The doctors there did their best to put together pieces of bones in Ivan’s mouth and removed the second bullet.
Still he has constant headaches, he can’t read – the eyes constantly get watery, he can’t fully open the mouth and can only eat liquid food. It’s going to take another 6 months for his jaw to restore its function.
Nevertheless, he remains optimistic. Although he is going to need at least one more plastic surgery, he believes that if “God didn’t want us to die then, this means our mission here isn’t over”.
Mykola Rudyk
Mykola Rudik Run
A marathon runner who participated in many marathons in different parts of the world. His time on a 26.1 mile distance is 2:14!
He was on Maidan from the fist week. On February 19, Mykola was shot and the bullet went through his eye and ended up in the skull. Mykola was transferred to Warsaw, Poland , where he had two surgeries. The first one to take the bullet out and the second one to save the eye. Unfortunately he lost his vision on his right eye.
Mykola Ryduk Poraneniy
Mykola is going through a rehabilitation process at home now and is looking forward to getting back to his job where he helps children with cerebral palsy.
We sent to Mykola $700.
Our partners in Vancouver, Canada offered Mykola’s 14 years old daughter a scholarship to learn the English language. Nova Ukraine is also collecting donations to cover the cost of her roundtrip plane ticket.
Serhiy Galkin
Sergey Galkin Krum
Originally from Ivano-Frankivsk, a Ukrainian marine who served in the First Feodosia (Crimea) platoon, part of the Ukrainian forces that were the last ones to leave Crimea.
Serhiy and his colleagues were captured by the Russian army. After the Russian army officers asked the marines to betray Ukraine and join Russian force, Sergey refused and started to sing Ukraine’s National Anthem. He was severely beaten up and is now in a hospital outside of Kyiv with skull injuries. Serhiy’s family lost all of their personal items including their home, money and documents.
Serhiy and his family – his wife and a 7 years old son – needed help to get him through this long rehabilitation period.
We sent him $300.
Vasyl Galamai, 27 years old from Lviv
Vasyl Galamai Maydan February 20th Vasyl Galamai i ocean Elzu
He was severely wounded on February 20 by a sniper. A bullet went trough his right side crushing pelvic bones, and ended up in the left leg. Vasyl had 3 major surgeries in Kyiv and later was transfers to a military hospital in Prague. He had another surgery and is going through a rehabilitation process now. Doctors are planing to keep him in the hospital until mid-summer 2014. Wishing him speedy recovery and return home to reunite with his family, including his 5-year old daughter Zlata!
Knowels family donated $500 to Vasyl through us.

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