Kyiv Team

Our small and dedicated staff makes up our Kyiv office of operations, ensuring that the organization remains agile in our on the ground operations in Ukraine.

Igor Noshchenko | Head of Ukrainian Operations

My hometown city is Kyiv. I was born, raised here and then studied in Kyiv, Ukraine. I graduated from Kyiv polytechnic institute with a master’s degree in system engineering. Starting from the yearly 2000s I’ve founded and developed many business projects in Ukraine. Since the first “orange” revolution I participated in social movements. After the second revolution of “Dignity” I graduated from the Civil and Political (CAP) school in 2015 and always realize my personal social responsibility for changes in Ukraine. Since the war began I joined the Nova Ukraine team as the Head of Ukrainian Operations.

Kateryna Bezsudna | Kyiv Team Leader

I am a Kyivan who chose native country with my heart and soul. I do all I can so that we win faster. I worked for more than 15 years in international companies related to leasing and financing agricultural machinery. At the same time, volunteering was in all my life. I can’t imagine my life without classical choreography, healthy food, powerful inspiring projects and a strong team. After February 24, I could no longer be in business, so I became a Team Leader at Nova Ukraine. Business knowledge, combined with volunteering experience, helps implement projects in various critical areas – bringing 400 pairs of shoes for Ukrainian firefighters is easy; to provide Kharkiv with medicines – I am already looking for a team. For me, there are no boundaries, nor the understanding that “something” is impossible. “Try, search, find and don’t give up” sounds the same in all five languages ​​I speak.

Anastasiya Padpora | Project Manager

I was born and raised in Belarus, a country that is currently under enormous pressure and oppression under a dictatorial regime. After protests caused by large-scale deception of the population by an illegitimate president in 2020, I decided to migrate to Ukraine, where I had spent part of my childhood (my relatives lived in Donbas).

On February 24, 2022, my life changed fundamentally, as it did for most Ukrainians. I decided not to leave, but to stay and help the country and the people who received me with love and warmth during a difficult personal period. Friends are not abandoned in times of trouble, so I am not abandoning Ukraine either. I firmly believe that Ukraine will be independent, strong and prosperous – it proves this every day thanks to those people who grew up on Ukrainian soil. And I will be a small part of this big story and an element that will help assemble the most amazing puzzle.

Maria Remez | Social Media Manager

I am a native of Kyiv, I graduated from KPI, I am a technologist by profession, but my soul was and is creative. Since childhood, I was involved in art and I studied at a children’s art school. When I had to decide where to enroll, I understood that I am not very friendly with the humanities, but mathematics and physics are easier, so I chose a technical specialty. At the same time, I always liked photography and was interested in social media, so after finishing my bachelor’s degree, I found a job as a Social Media Manager and have been working in this field for about 4 years.

When the full-scale war began, I initially left the city, but after a month I returned home. I started volunteering with friends, namely transporting a humanitarian help around Kyiv and the region. When I learned about Nova Ukraine, I realized that I could help more, so I became part of the team. Our people are the most beautiful, they do everything possible for a peaceful sky, so we are getting closer to victory every day. Glory to Ukraine.

Iryna Roik | Project Manager, PR and Marketing

The steel city and the “city of the president” are the main characteristics for my hometown. Kyiv is where I was born, got a higher philological education, got my first job as a journalist, and before the war, where I successfully worked in advertising, volunteered in a public organization, and returned home from travels with great love. I dreamed of meeting my twenty-ninth in Italy. Instead, I stayed at home and raised a glass of champagne, wishing for our Ukrainian victory. I work with the written word, manage projects, interact a lot with people – and all in order to one day go on my dream trip – on vacation, and not running away from war.

I hope that books, festivals, meetings with friends, new music and Hollywood movies will also return to my life. Because now – the biggest heroes are definitely not on large-format screens: they are the ones fighting in the army, giving birth in bomb shelters, and teaching children against the wail of sirens.

Mykyta Beskorovainyi | Project Manager

I was born and raised in the city of Kamianske, formerly Dniprodzerzhinsk. After receiving higher education, I moved to the city of Dnipro, and started doing business in the beauty industry. Ever since childhood, I had a passion for management and setting up systems, which has become very useful in our time. From the first days of the full-scale invasion, I began to engage in volunteer activities, which gained new momentum and scope every day. The support of Ukrainians from all over the world was incredible, it made it possible to help many people! Thanks to our unity, I am sure we will overcome all obstacles, and in the great prosperity of our native Ukraine.

Yaroslava Fomina | Project Manager

Loving what you do with all your heart is what I can call my superpower! And to love one’s country and one’s family, Kharkiv is already a hero city! I am one of those whose life changed on February 24, 2022. Until this day, I lived my beautiful life, where there was a lot of creativity, children and a lot of happy moments. By profession, I am a teacher and head of educational institutions, for 10 years I have been teaching teachers and heads how to build a happy childhood, I help open preschool educational institutions in Ukraine, and together with my husband, I have a dream kindergarten for every child.

But now we are building a new future in our country and in our beloved city of Kharkiv. I know that in the Nova Ukraine team, together with such inspired and courageous people, we will definitely help our country, because we are the reliable rear of our state!

Rodion Bronnikov | Regional Coordinator (Kharkiv)

I am of Kharkiv in flesh and blood and during my entire adult life have been trying to make this city better within my modest means. ‘Kharkiv is Ukraine’ – these are not empty words for me. Being a film critic (and hope to be after the war) and the arthouse evangelist for last few years, my inner task was to instill both the love of art within cinema, and to promote culture as well. Significantly, I often said that community service is not my thing, I always considered myself a loner. But the war in my country and right in my city in 2022 has significantly shifted my settings and attitude. There is no morality in remaining indifferent. So now that I’m 42 – adult, mature, seemingly shaped person (as I believed) – I’m a volunteer and still keep changing and getting to learn much new about myself and life around me. This new way and incredible experience have evolutionally led me to Nova Ukraine. Happy to be a part of these partial people, this big international ideological team. Big ship, big sale, as we say here. The same I could say about my beloved and strong Ukraine.

Olesia Levytska | Back Office Manager

A year ago I got a tattoo of the word “LOVE”. Since February 24, it has become a manifesto of love for everyone who lives on in our piece of land measuring 603.5 thousand square kilometers. I joined the team in order to be able to help Ukrainians go through this difficult time together with minimal losses and maximum support. I have no doubts that Ukraine will win, because each of us is ready to move, support, create and not give up.

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