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Celebrating the Brave Mothers of Ukraine

In observance of Mother’s Day, we ask you to please take a moment to think of the mothers and children of Ukraine.

Nova Ukraine Running Team at Bay to Breakers 2022

Nova Ukraine is joining the Bay to Breakers race  in an effort to support Ukrainians impacted by Russian aggression. All money raised will go towards providing desperately needed humanitarian aid in Ukraine, including critical medical supplies, food deliveries, safe evacuations, and assistance to displaced families with children. On Sunday, May 15, Nova Ukraine’s team of 15 runners will start in the Embarcadero neighborhood by the San Francisco Bay and run through nine of the city’s neighborhoods. The event starts at Golden Gate Park (47th Avenue and JFK Boulevard) at 7:30 a.m. Every step of the race will go towards helping thousands of ...

Helping Hand Rebuilding in Bucha

Nova Ukraine rescue crew Helping Hand has become the first volunteer group to enter Bucha and Irpin. They are now clearing debris, rebuilding infrastructure, and providing food and water to residents of Bucha, Irpin and Hostomel.

Adopt a Family Program

Donate to the adopt a family program to provide direct aid to a Ukrainian family

Helping Ukrainian Refugees in the US and Beyond

Our volunteers estimate that 15,000 Ukrainians have recently crossed the US border in Tijuana. Learn what we're doing to support refugees in the USA and how you can help.

How to Help Ukrainian Refugees

Ways to support Ukrainian refugees in the United States and abroad

Plast: In Unity is Strength

Plast Ukraine, in partnership with Nova Ukraine, has been distributing vital supplies, medicine and support to the people of Ukraine since war erupted on February 24, 2022.

Supporting Factories In Ukraine

Supporting factories in Ukraine instead of shipping goods from abroad is not only cost effective, but it also helps Ukraine three-fold by: feeding Ukrainians, keeping locals employed, and supporting the local economy as we work towards a post-war future.

Our Animal Rescue Efforts in Ukraine

As the war rages in Ukraine, animals have been caught in the crossfire, with the situation growing more dire every day. While many Ukrainian zoos are supported by international zoo associations such as EAZA, small animal shelters – especially in Russian-occupied territories – have been struggling to maintain their care. In this disturbing video, over 300 dogs were found dead in a Borodyanka shelter after volunteers were unable to enter to provide food or water during the Russian occupation of the region. To help this crisis, Nova Ukraine is currently supporting several animal welfare organizations and volunteers that are caring for these injured ...

Generators Delivered to Chernihiv at a Heavy Cost

In the ongoing war in Ukraine, Russian shelling consistently targets civilian infrastructure, including critical objects like power plants and electrical facilities. As a result, power banks, generators and other power sources are some of the most critical items in besieged cities where active fighting is taking place. Nova Ukraine has purchased 17 gas-powered generators which have been delivered from Cherkasy to Chernihiv General Hospital where electricity and heat are currently out. Our volunteers had to transport the generators across the Desna river by boat, because all the bridges in the area have been destroyed. Sadly, while delivering these ...

32 Tons of Medical Supplies Flown to Ukraine

Airbus A330 cargo flight with $3.5 million worth of emergency medical supplies organized by Nova Ukraine in partnership with the Ukrainian Student Association at Stanford University and the Ukrainian Association of Washington State (UAWS) took off from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) and landed in Lublin, Poland on March 29th. Background Spurred by the need to help Ukraine, a group of Stanford students convinced the hospital to donate several pallets of medical supplies. This effort evolved into a fundraiser to finance a medical relief flight. Stanford students turned to the community for additional medical supply donations and ...

Fundraise for Nova Ukraine

We have been touched by the extraordinary outpouring of support for Ukraine.  People from all walks of life and communities all across the world are reaching out to Nova Ukraine and asking us how to get involved and help Ukraine in this crisis. That is why Nova Ukraine has partnered with CrowdChange, a platform that allows anyone to start a fundraiser benefiting our humanitarian relief efforts. Whether you would like to organize a benefit concert or a walkathon, sell art or merchandise, or just collect donations within your organization or community, your fundraiser page will be up and running in just a few minutes!   Fundraise using ...

Medical Supply Deliveries to Ukraine

March 31, 2022 Over a month into the war in Ukraine, Russian troops were pushed back near Kyiv and have started withdrawing. But fierce fighting continues in the East and South, so we must continue raising awareness in the US and the world, fundraise and coordinate urgent help for millions of Ukrainians impacted by the war. Senseless atrocities in Mariupol lead to a humanitarian tragedy, as the once thriving port city is being wiped off the map by constant Russian shelling, which also makes it impossible for aid to be delivered. Russia destroyed over 60% of Ukraine's oil infrastructure. Hospitals lack medical supplies and are regularly targeted ...

Partnering with UNICEF USA, AirBnB.org and more

March 22, 2022 It has been a difficult three weeks since Russia invaded Ukraine. Zelensky delivered an impassioned address to Congress urging the United States to do more to end the senseless humanitarian crisis caused by Russian aggression. The besieged city of Mariupol remains under heavy bombardment, with no food, water, or electricity. The Russian Air Force dropped a powerful bomb on a theater in Mariupol, where over a thousand civilians—many of them children—were seeking refuge, despite the word “CHILDREN” being prominently painted on two sides of the building for Russian pilots to see. Now, six countries are investigating war crimes ...

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