Animal-ID: Chance to live for 100 000 dogs from Ukraine

Nova Ukraine, partnering with International Registration Systems, is proud to announce its support to solve a problem of homeless dogs in the cities across Ukraine.


Over 100,000 of stray dogs live on the streets of Ukrainian cities, and the destiny of these animals depends on each of us and our position. This is unacceptable! These animals must be protected and treated humanely! Yet it is impossible to accomplish that without counting and estimating their quantity firstly. With your help, we will protect strays in Ukraine and also assist with their further socialization and adoption.


Over 100,000 of stray dogs live on the streets of Ukrainian cities and, unfortunately, they are completely unprotected. All of them are just roaming the streets, starving and freezing. Zoo-sadists, who mercilessly kill stray animals by poisoning and shooting, appeared in cities. Lots of animals are abandoned in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine. They are migrating to nearby cities. No one knows their amount and how to solve the problem.


On the basis of the collected information about the number of strays, together with the specialists from international organizations, we help people in the cities to develop the strategies that allow to protect and find new homes for these strays. We have already excellent results in many cities. For example, in the Lviv city the number of stray dogs decreases every year, there is no phenomenon of animal killings, the percentage of adoption in local shelters is 70%.

Long-Term Impact 

We will protect and find new homes for around 100,000 strays, conduct countings in 22 big cities, attract and teach over 1000 volunteers. Lighting activities in the Mass Media will attract civic society attention and motivate more people to adopt a pet. It is important that in the future this system can be easily used by any charity or government animal protection organization worldwide. All information is public. Based on it, any municipal or private organization can develop their own plan.


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