The War is Impacting Mental and Physical Well-being of Ukrainian Children

Ukraine’s vulnerable populations have been greatly impacted by russia’s full-scale invasion, and a particularly grim picture is developing for children.

By the numbers:

  • 483 children have tragically lost their lives.
  • Over 1,000 children were wounded in the conflict.
  • 1,500 children orphaned, as reported by the National Social Service of Ukraine.

However, the physical toll is just the beginning. For war survivors, the psychological trauma is expected to leave long-lasting scars, affecting their development into adolescence and beyond.

Devastating Impact on an Entire Generation

The war affects children’s lives in many ways.  A recent report from UNICEF underscores this, pointing out that:

  • 1.5 years of violence, fear, loss, and interrupted education made an indelible impact on children’s lives.
  • 1.5 million children are now at risk of severe mental health issues.
  • Healthcare infrastructure is severely damaged, hampering essential care and vaccinations.

Our Initiatives

Nova Ukraine is committed to long-term support for these children. Here’s a glimpse of our ongoing initiatives.

Recovery During the War

Designed for Ukrainian women and children affected by the conflict, offering critical psychological support realized through partnership with VAAD.

Special Feature: Watch touching stories of transformed lives on our YouTube Channel.

Summer Camps for Children

Collaborating with “Unbreakable Kharkiv” Charitable Foundation, we aimed to restore the emotional well-being of 100 children, introducing them to experiences outside war’s grim confines.

Bouquet-Making Master Class “I – Mariupol. Vinnytsia”

A unique initiative for internally displaced children.

School Stationery Sets

In partnership with WAY TO LIFE+, 160 sets were distributed to displaced children and those with disabilities in Lutsk.

Our initiatives are not just immediate relief efforts; they are investments in brighter, more secure lives for Ukrainian children. Together, we are not just alleviating present pain—we are shaping the future.

We thank you, our sponsors and partners, for your continuous support.

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