Recovery During the War – Olena’s and Nataliia’s Stories

Recovery During the War – is a program for Ukrainian women and their children who are severely affected by Russian aggression and require psychological rehabilitation.

The Vaad of Ukraine, with the financial support of the NOVA UKRAINE Foundation (California, USA), created this program, the first of its kind in Ukraine, in April 2022. 

The ongoing conflict has taken a toll on countless lives, yet in the midst of this turmoil, Ukrainian women have emerged as a powerful force. Serving as soldiers, caregivers, activists, and community leaders, Ukrainian women have demonstrated resilience, courage, and unwavering determination. Their involvement in the conflict showcases their commitment to protecting their homeland and ensuring a better future for themselves and their families. 

Supporting Ukrainian women in their fight against Russia is crucial for the future of Ukraine. Women have been instrumental in preserving Ukraine’s heritage and culture, acting as the bearers of traditions and the guardians of Ukrainian identity. By aiding the Ukrainian women on the frontline and those fighting against Russia from their homes, we actively contribute to the preservation of a rich and diverse cultural legacy that deserves to be safeguarded. In turn, by upholding Ukrainian heritage, we empower women to share their stories, perspectives, and invaluable contributions to the war effort. 

In response to Russia’s disregard for independence, human rights, and pluralism, we foster an environment that prioritizes dialogue, understanding, and cooperation by celebrating the strength and capabilities of women in the face of adversity. Advocating for women’s participation in conflict resolution and peacebuilding efforts is a critical part of upholding an inclusive society. 

Supporting Ukrainian women is a crucial step towards defeating Russian aggression and promoting peace and stability in the region. Doing so is not just an act of solidarity; it is an investment in a better future for Ukraine and a testament to our commitment to human rights. Ukrainian women are shaping our nation’s destiny and helping our country to overcome all obstacles to our freedom. Together, let us stand with Ukrainian women and work towards a future where peace, equality, and justice prevail. 

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