Devastating Impact on Schools, Challenges of Remote Learning

The ongoing invasion of Ukraine has had a devastating impact on education. According to the official government figures, 262 educational institutions have been destroyed, and additional 3,019 facilities have been damaged.

Remote learning has become the primary source of education with over 40% of Ukrainian children currently studying exclusively online. As the upcoming school season approaches, countless Ukrainian children face the challenge of accessing remote education.

Join us in celebrating National Back to School Month by supporting our educational and children’s projects. Your contribution can make a world of difference!

Learn About Nova Ukraine’s Latest Educational Projects

“Zmistovno” Project – After-School Learning Centers

“Nova Ukraine” Foundation has opened 30 extracurricular learning centers in Ukraine with the support of Howard G. Buffett Foundation. The centers offer a chance to socialize with peers and engage in various educational programs and leisure activities. We also support existing organizations that provide extracurricular education.

Supporting Access to Education

In July,  we donated 750 Chromebooks to children who desperately need them. The devices are going to kids who lost a parent in the war,  were internally displaced, or are experiencing disabilities. But many more kids lack laptops or tablets. It is difficult for them to continue their regular school education in these trying times.

You can make a difference today! Join us in this initiative.

Summer Camps!

Nova Ukraine has been supporting many At FranKolo! Children are thriving in a nurturing and inclusive environment where. There they can explore their passions and develop vital life skills, despite the looming threat of war.

Since its launch in April 2022, the project has touched the lives of over 1000 children who sought refuge in the free clubs during their time in Ivano-Frankivsk. Today, we want to share with you the incredible impact FranKolo has made over the past year and Nova Ukraine’s support in its mission.

Supporting Social Adaptation Centers for Special Kids

Nova Ukraine helped purchase equipment for the Center for Social Adaptation for children with Down syndrome in Kyiv.

The center is focused on helping teens learn skills to be independent and lead fulfilling lives. Nova Ukraine supplied – washing machines, dryers, and boilers, that will help the center with basic needs and assist in developing helpful knowledge and skills for the center’s participants.

Support Our Efforts

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