The Killing Fields russia Left Behind

Even in Ukraine’s  de-occupied territories, russian soldiers have transformed hundreds of kilometers into killing fields rife with camouflaged landmines. 

Although those territories were re-taken by Ukrainian soldiers, the russian army mined their exit routes in another act of aggression and brutality.

According to the State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations, at least 30% of Ukraine’s territory is currently mined. This translates to more than 174 thousand square kilometers, approximately half the size of Germany.

De-mining these territories is treacherous work, but it must be done.

Left to stand, Ukrainian children can no longer attend kindergartens and school for fear of stepping on surrounding landmines. Instead, they study remotely, losing direct contact with educators and peers, both of which have a deleterious effect on their education as well as their social development. 

Hospitals are also surrounded by russian mines, rendering them useless and inaccessible to patients and doctors who can no longer do their lifesaving work. 

Our farmers are also endangered, no longer able to work their fields for fear of detonating a mine. This has dire consequences for the economy of Ukraine as well as for the global food supply.  

Many of our busiest roads were also mined, causing great fear and loss of life to civilians who must travel them in order to work or transport  goods and supplies.   

This is everyday life in regions that Ukrainian soldiers bravely fought to de-occupy. It is very far from “normal”. 

Support Our Efforts

From the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Nova Ukraine and its partners have supported first responders who can help accelerate Ukraine’s return to ordinary life. Your donation to Nova Ukraine will help fund three of our main priorities:

  1. The  purchase of de-mining equipment to safely remove and transport explosive objects 
  2. Safety training for first responders 
  3. Material support for sappers (combat engineers) such as metal detectors, protective clothing

Please help us help Ukraine.  No amount is too small to make a very great difference.

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