Nova Ukraine Supplies 40 Operating Tables to Hospitals in Critical Regions

Given all the injuries incurred by this war, it is essential that Ukrainian hospitals have state-of-the-art medical equipment. Some of the operating tables Nova Ukraine has been able to supply are FAMED, Amsco, Steris, and Skytron.

These operating tables are multi-functional, offering a range of patient positions. They can also be fitted with attachments that are specifically designed for orthopedic surgery. This versatility creates the kind of efficiency that allows surgeons to perform multiple procedures in a single day.

Notably, these tables do not rely on electrical drives, which increases their reliability and guarantees uninterrupted use during blackouts.

During the last five months, Nova Ukraine has delivered more than 40 of these operating tables to hospitals in the most critical regions.

This operating table is easy to use, convenient, ergonomic, reliable, and multifunctional.

Dr. Stanislav Onyschuk, a surgeon from Lysets’, Ivano-Frankivsk Region, says, “The multi-functional tables we received have been beneficial in saving time, which is crucial in difficult conditions. We can now perform more operations in a day without constantly stopping to reposition patients. The tables also allow for reliable fixation, so we can now secure orthopedic patients with levers. Lastly, these tables are X-ray transparent, eliminating the need to move the patient for X-ray screenings, which is often very painful for patients with critical injuries. All in all, the range of patients we can successfully treat with these beds has significantly expanded.”

Unfortunately, the 40 beds delivered to date are not enough. Financial constraints and limited resources pose significant obstacles to obtaining the latest medical technology everywhere it is needed. 

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