A Critical Dam in Southern Ukraine Was Destroyed by Russian Occupiers on June 6, 2023

The Kherson region is currently experiencing widespread devastation and severe flooding.

Numerous residents are evacuating from the region to flee sudden floods. Families have lost their homes, and communities are devastated.

Nova Ukraine is working with the state Emergency Services of Ukraine to purchase the necessary equipment to address the consequences of this ecological catastrophe resulting from the Russian attack on Ukraine.

Nova Ukraine evacuation partners have been working on the ground in the Kherson region this past year. They know the land very well and are in touch with local authorities. Their support on the ground is invaluable.

Please support our efforts by donating and sharing this fundraiser!

Your donation will provide vital resources, empowering the brave responders on the ground to navigate through the floodwaters, rescue those trapped, and deliver critical aid. Our main priorities at this time are providing drinking water, water pumps and cleanup.

As the flood situation develops quickly, we are staying in touch with the Emergency Service of Ukraine to understand the needs on the ground. We have aligned our efforts with the Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco, with their media and information support. 

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