Interview with Andrii Rudenko

Meet Andrii Rudenko, Medical Lead in Ukraine

Tell us a little about your background. What were you doing before the war?

I was born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine. In 1998, I graduated from Kyiv Medical Institute and worked as a doctor in a city hospital for some time. Later, I transitioned to the pharmaceutical industry and held various positions, eventually becoming the Director of Marketing & Sales for a foreign pharmaceutical company. In 2013, I completed an MBA from the International Institute of Management. On February 24, 2022, my life took a significant turn, and I started volunteering. In January 2023, I joined the Nova Ukraine medical team as a volunteer, and I have recently been selected as the head of the medical team in Ukraine. I am eager to utilize my knowledge and skills to provide faster, more efficient healthcare assistance to patients in Ukraine.

How does the war affect your daily life?

The war has significantly disrupted the normal rhythm of life for me and all Ukrainians. Since the invasion, I have stayed in Kyiv to support my elderly relatives. I have been involved in efforts to deliver essential supplies to those in need, such as food and animal feed. Additionally, I have participated in the unloading and sorting of humanitarian aid, specifically medications, and have compiled lists of necessary medications for Hostomel and Bucha.

Why did you decide to work at Nova Ukraine?

I joined Nova Ukraine because I wanted to help fellow citizens in need. It was an opportunity for me to contribute and make a difference.

What’s your typical day at the office like? Please describe your daily activities and tasks.

One of my main responsibilities is to coordinate which hospitals in which regions need medical equipment. So, I am in constant communication with hospitals across the different regions in Ukraine.

Can you share with us a particular story that struck you?

One particular story that deeply impacted me was when I called a hospital in the eastern part of the country, and they were overwhelmed with happiness upon receiving our assistance. Their gratitude and emotional response left a lasting impression on me.

What do you think Ukrainians need the most right now? (Besides victory.)

Apart from victory, Ukrainians need unity, continued support for each other, and belief in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

What is the most challenging part of your work at Nova Ukraine?

The realization that I can’t help everyone who needs it. The demand for assistance is so very great that it can be challenging to prioritize who we can help. It is the triage system, who is in the greatest need.

What is the most rewarding aspect?

Receiving positive feedback that our help, particularly the provision of medical equipment, is saving lives. This is deeply gratifying.

What else would you like our donors and readers to know about you and what you do at NU?

I want donors and readers to understand their help is incredibly valuable and necessary. No matter how small, every contribution makes a difference in the lives of those affected by the war.

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