Interview with Adriian Dorosh

Meet Adriian Dorosh, Warehouse Lead in Ukraine

Tell us a little about your background. What were you doing before the war?

I loved mountaineering, water sports, and cycling. I lived for traveling and hiking in the mountains. But I was always involved in the Ukrainian scouting organization Plast. I had the privilege of mentoring youth. Before the full-scale invasion, I dedicated several hours each day to this. Additionally, I worked in the souvenir business, producing textile products and promotional materials with a team. And I just finished my training as a software developer.

How does the war affect your daily life?

When I wake up in the morning now, I think about how I can be helpful in this very moment, what can I contribute to the cause? Certainly, I can contribute my leisure time and put my IT career on hold until victory. 

Why did you decide to work at Nova Ukraine?

When you are living with the unpredictability of war, you are constantly thinking, “what will tomorrow bring?” I see how many people suffer from Russian aggression against Ukraine, and it becomes very difficult to sit idly by. In searching for ways to help, I found Nova Ukraine. They are a team of people just like you and me, with whom you can actually save people’s lives and also help animals. My involvement produces tangible results, which is essential to me.

What’s your typical day at the office like? Please describe your daily activities and tasks.

Previously at NU, I worked on a project related to fuel. Maintaining supply is critical for evacuating citizens from dangerous areas and transporting provisions to frontline locations. Now, as a warehouse manager in Lviv, I work with a large team to receive, track and send out shipments for those needing assistance. As often as possible, I schedule regular visits to frontline zones and liberated territories to see for myself the needs and conditions, which I then communicate to local partners. 

Can you share with us a particular story that struck you?

It’s difficult to choose just one story because every minute spent in the combat zone or occupied territories is worth sharing with the world. But one story that was very sad was about a destroyed school in Liman, Donetsk region. Before the war, the government and some sponsors had just renovated the school, providing everything for an effective learning process: new lighting, the right furniture and superb equipment. 

But when our team arrived at the school after several months of occupation, only ruins remained. It was heartbreaking because the children so badly needed to focus on something other than war. Unfortunately, there are many such places in Ukraine. Every second spent in the conflict zone reminds us of how much work will need to be done to rebuild the country.

What do you think Ukrainians need the most right now? (Besides victory.)

Undoubtedly, what Ukrainians need most is more weapons, especially F-16s. Each unit of weaponry we receive can accelerate our victory and save lives. Furthermore, we need resources to compensate for the awful consequences of war, such as infrastructure restoration, demining, reestablishment of transportation links, and medical support, among others. And, of course, moral support is always needed during difficult times.

What is the most challenging part of your work at Nova Ukraine?

Perhaps the biggest challenge is that the lives of most Ukrainians are highly unpredictable right now. Living in present day Ukraine means living with a constant, difficult-to-process, flow of information. It’s vital for all of us to stick together and continue our daily work because even the simplest tasks often become incredibly difficult to execute.

What is the most rewarding aspect?

The most rewarding aspect is seeing the gratitude of people we are directly impacting and hearing thousands of kind words for what we do. Knowing that our work at NU makes a tangible difference is truly, truly rewarding.

What else would you like our donors and readers to know about you and what you do at NU?

Just a big THANK YOU!!! For what you do, for your immense help, and for not abandoning us.

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