Nova Ukraine’s Prosthetics Projects and Successes

In times of great crisis and dislocation, few efforts speak to the essence of humanitarian aid quite like medical projects, and due to the cost, expertise, and material demands of delivering medical care, this mission is especially difficult. Nova Ukraine’s deep commitment to the medical community is finding incredible success through the hard work of its team of volunteers organizing and conducting the purchase, delivery, and implementation of medical supplies and operations.

Now that Ukraine is at war, increased attention needs to be given to those men, women, and children who lost limbs from Russian artillery and missile attacks. Soldiers, who serve on the front defending their country from invasion, often suffer horrible injuries. Since October 2022, Nova Ukraine has run a joint initiative with @ProsthetiKa and @Protez Hub – a Ukrainian prosthetics manufacturer and rehabilitation provider. The goal of this project is to provide Ukrainians who have suffered the loss of an arm with high-quality prosthetic replacements.

These prosthetic arms are technically complex, highly functional pieces, built with quality elbow joints, electric hooks and bionic brushes. As opposed to simple, non-mechanical prosthetics, patients receiving arms constructed by Protez Hub can develop a wide range of movement. Using myoelectric sensing technology, these arms provide wounded soldiers and civilians with opportunities that people with similar injuries in the past could not have dreamed of.

A couple of success stories include that of Ivan, who received enhanced prosthetic components through our joint project and was able to quickly master his prosthetic’s operation.

Andriy, who lost his arm near Bakhmut, now has improved elbow control and a receiving case that strengthens the myoelectric signals he sends to his new arm. He underwent rehabilitation to learn how to optimize the functionality of the arm; myoelectric apparatuses are complex and require training to use effectively.

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The prosthetics projects and all of Nova Ukraine’s humanitarian medical efforts are funded and made possible by donations from people who want to make their contribution to the fight against the cruelty and injustice of the war. Please, consider donating today!

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