Medical Beds Urgently Needed

Getting urgently needed medical supplies to Ukraine’s most devastated cities and regions is a race against time. Rehab facilities desperately need specialized, state-of-the-art beds for soldiers with devastating injuries. Nova Ukraine has so far delivered 150 Hill-Rom Evolution beds to rehab facilities in cities and regions such as Ternopil’, Lutsk, Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Bila Tserkva, Lviv, and Khmenytskij. These deliveries have made a critical difference in treating these patients. 

Why? The beds come already equipped with lifting poles and handrails. These features  provide additional support and enable wounded soldiers with external fixation devices or craniocerebral injuries to adjust their seating positions on their own. For patients with amputations, the beds’ advanced functions help them regain some independent ambulation, reducing bedsores and restoring a sense of personal dignity.

Last but not least, the independent movement gained by patients takes some of the burden off the shoulders of over-worked healthcare staff.

Refurbished stretcher from a US donor

In addition to supplying Hill-Rom beds, Nova Ukraine has provided more than 20 Hill-Rom and Ario mattresses, both considered best in class.  At the Thermal Trauma and Plastic Surgery Clinical Center at Vinnytsia Regional Pirogov Clinical Hospital, the delivery of these mattresses has made an almost miraculous difference in patient comfort and care. 

Because of their wound healing capabilities and even weight distribution, long term burn patients and patients with multiple injuries experience less pain moving in bed and are able to adjust the settings without the aid of staff. This little bit of incremental relief and independence makes a world of difference in the body and spirit of these soldiers.

Donate to Support Our Efforts

We are hugely grateful to our donors for making this possible. Through their generosity and partnership, we have been able to do a lot, but not enough. To increase supply, Nova Ukraine volunteers in the U.S. and Europe have cleaned, repaired and refurbished more than 200 beds and stretchers donated by medical facilities. But as the war continues, the need grows greater. So, too, does our commitment.  So please, if you are a medical facility, write to [email protected] or donate by clicking this link and help us help Ukraine.

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