Recovery During the War

Recovery During the War – is a program for Ukrainian women and their children who are severely affected by Russian aggression and require psychological rehabilitation.

The Vaad of Ukraine, with the financial support of the NOVA UKRAINE Foundation (California, USA), created this program, the first of its kind in Ukraine, in April 2022. 

During the course of 2022, over 1,140 Ukrainian women and children attended the Recovery During the War program and received psychological support. Currently, more than 6,000 people are waiting to participate in the program.

The participants of the project are primarily internally displaced families — those who were forced to leave their homes and evacuate to other regions of Ukraine. These are mostly mothers with children whose husbands died or were seriously injured as a result of hostilities, are in captivity, missing or serving in the Armed Forces in the hostilities area. Program participants stay in a safe mountain area at a tourist boarding house in Prykarpattya for at least three weeks. Qualified therapists work with the participants of the project, who experienced trauma, providing the necessary assistance and supporting them in tragic and difficult circumstances with the help of group, individual, and family therapy.  Both adults and children receive appropriate psychological support.  The program includes art therapy, yoga, nature hikes, and local trips. 

Partners and sponsors of the Vaad of Ukraine in this program also include the Ukrainian World Congress, the World Jewish Congress, the Dutch Humanitarian Fund, the “RAZOM, Inc” foundation (New Jersey), a group of private sponsors, the Institute of Psychology of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, psychological organizations, “Voices of Children” and “Family Circle” foundations, Kyiv Educational Centre “Tolerspace,” Department of Psychology of the National University Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Centre of Health Psychology of the Ukrainian Catholic University, and the Institute of Health Psychology.

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