Nova Ukraine Delivers Monthly Record for Generators to Ukraine

This past January 2023, Nova Ukraine and partner Razom for Ukraine delivered 1263 generators to Ukraine, a world record in generator deliveries for Ukraine. Nova Ukraine and Razom for Ukraine began fundraising for critical equipment, such as generators, immediately after the start of the systematic bombardment and widespread destruction of civilian infrastructure. The team’s biggest challenge was coordinating and executing the delivery of the equipment.

On December 20, 2022, in Lviv, Nova Ukraine, and Razom for Ukraine set a goal of delivering 1001 generators to Ukraine within 30 days, including purchase, procurement, and shipment. The total delivered surpasses the target by more than 250 generators.

In the absence of reliable electricity after months of shelling, generators are essential items for many hospitals, schools, and other community centers, where refugees and other civilians go for aid. Nova Ukraine and Razom for Ukraine would like to thank their fundraisers, donors, and the thousands of people whose contributions in funding and logistics made this accomplishment possible.

Your donations and support for Nova Ukraine and Ukraine’s people come at a critical time. With your support, Nova Ukraine and its partners can keep providing vital equipment to those who continue to suffer the most from Russia’s unconscionable war.

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