2022 – Withstanding the War. Impact Report.

After Russia’s attack on Ukraine, millions of Ukrainians volunteered to help their Motherland. The Nova Ukraine nonprofit stood up to efficiently channel help where needed most by mobilizing Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians worldwide. Over 180,000 people contributed donations totaling over $55M for NU projects. Read full report here.

We established a robust network of partners in Ukraine comprising more than 3000 volunteers, distinguished by a spotless reputation and deep connections in Ukrainian cities and villages. Within days, this network started coordinating evacuation efforts and delivering aid to the civilian population in need. Thanks to the support of donors and partners, we were able to assist more than 3 million people in Ukraine by providing them with basic necessities such as food and hygiene products, evacuating them to safety, or providing medical assistance.

We kept our operational overhead low by building efficient processes and employing hundreds of highly motivated volunteers. As a result, over 98% of donations went to fund aid, with operational expenses under 2%.

Sadly, as we enter 2023, the attacks on civilian buildings and infrastructure continue, resulting in thousands of deaths and injuries and affecting millions. We remain committed to our efforts to save lives and provide humanitarian relief. At the same time, we aim to support the Ukrainian people striving toward a prosperous, democratic nation with a strong and flourishing civil society. Our goal is to empower them to realize their aspirations, and work alongside them to create a brighter future for all.

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