Christmas gifts for Ukrainian refugee children

In December 2022, the Emergency Housing Team launched a project called Santa for Ukraine. We asked Ukrainian children to write their wishes to Santa Claus. Then we created anonymous Amazon wishlists, each matching a child’s letter. Ukrainian children have lost so much during the year. We wanted to give them something they dream of and make their wishes come true.

Of course, all Ukrainian kids have one main wish: to return home and get their old lives back. But they also would have certainly enjoyed receiving a gift and regaining a sense of normality in this disastrous moment of their life.

We launched an Instagram account and asked people to buy gifts themselves or donate money through GoFundMe. In total, we bought gifts for 323 Ukrainian children and collected $13,664 in donations. Please check our Instagram account to see the letters and thank you notes. We will delete any personal information from public access by the end of February. Instagram:

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