Animal Welfare – November Summary

With the generous donations of people from around the world, over 50,000 animals have received help from Nova Ukraine since March. Over 4,000 animals have been evacuated, and over 2,400 surgeries have been performed.

We are humbled and honored by our donors’ trust, and we work hard to deliver meaningful and efficient projects in a transparent way.

To see daily first-hand reports from recipients, please join our Nova Ukraine Animal Welfare Reports group.

Happy Highlights:

Our team’s main goal is to provide a safe and healthy life for animals. What does this look like? Well, ultimately we want to see every animal living a happy life in a loving, caring family where they lead a life free from hunger, disease, fear, and pain.

Achieving this involves a multi-step process that includes providing essential needs such as food, shelter, and emotional and physical comfort. A combination of these factors creates a highly adoptable, well adjusted family member that can easily join a human companion or family. As a result, we see a high turnover and a short length of stay for animals at shelters that are able to provide these basic needs.

Here are some examples of how we fight for the bright future of each and every animal in Ukraine:

Home for Strays Shelter

We have been working with Home for Strays in Kyiv since April, and the results we have seen from this amazing team continue to inspire us. With well-being at the forefront of their mission, they engage a team of volunteers, veterinarians, behaviorists, and more to provide the best possible result. 

They have accepted 108 evacuated animals since we began supporting them, and their dedicated volunteers have worked miracles on the injured, anxious, and sick animals that have arrived at their doors. To help them continue this work, we have funded a ventilation and air conditioning system in their expanding shelter. Thanks to your donations, more projects are underway, and we can’t wait to share new achievements in our next report.


Lamb was found in Kharkiv, injured and alone. He was terrified, covered in open wounds, and struggling to hide. His wounds were suggestive of a dog attack – an increasingly common occurrence with ongoing active fire, growing number of homeless animals, and a deficit of animal supplies. Animal Rescue Kharkiv, an organization we have supported since the beginning of the war, rushed over and collected Lamb. He has received immediate medical treatment, love and affection, food and shelter. He is fully recovered and is looking for his forever home.

Vaccinations and Sterilizations

We currently fund 15 programs for preventative care throughout Ukraine. Our main initiatives are located in the Kyiv, Vinnitsa, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhya, Donetsk, Kherson, and Odessa regions. Focusing on spay/neuter procedures and vaccinations allow us to gradually and humanely decrease the homeless population.

Without the help of our kind donors, none of this would be possible. We are grateful for every dollar we have received. As the war continues, and there is no end in sight, we urge you to continue your support so we can scale and continue to grow, covering more and more ground, and bringing more and more animals to safety.

Please indicate “Animal Rescue” in your donation to direct funds towards our animal rescue efforts.

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