Delivering Medications by Supporting Local Ukrainian Pharma Darnitsa

At the beginning of the war, people bought medications in bulk, standing in lines for several hours as they feared being left without vital medications. In the fifth month of the war, the tension subsided, and, despite the instability of demand, lost infrastructure, interruptions in the supply of raw materials, and pharmacies destroyed as a result of shelling, domestic pharmaceutical companies still continue their work.

Not every resident of Ukraine can obtain appropriate medications. Some cannot afford it; others no longer have working pharmacies nearby after the Russian attacks. Vulnerable populations such as the elderly, people with disabilities, pregnant women, and single mothers are the most affected by their cost and deficit. That is why Nova Ukraine, together with the Kharkiv-based medical coordinator Rodion Bronnikov, started cooperation with the leading Ukrainian pharmaceutical company Darnitsa.

The company, which has been operating since 1930, has survived many major historical events, including the current war with Russia. Production hasn’t stopped for a single day. Moreover, Darnitsa added another product line for ampule medications. During the last five months, Darnitsa has released 11 new products on the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market — for blood pressure stabilization, the painkillers, an anti-radiation drug, and others — in addition to its main product lines, which are medications for heart conditions, neuralgia, and pain relief. In addition, the company was the first and the only one in Ukraine to obtain a license from Pfizer to produce antiviral drugs, and it also began the process of obtaining the technology for the production of mRNA based vaccines from the World Health Organization.

Since June 2022, Nova Ukraine has purchased more than 2,000 kilograms of medications for the Kharkiv region. Our supply chain management begins with the Nova Ukraine MedHub, a regional coordinating center where all requests from Kharkiv are directed. Requests are verified by our American medical team before getting fulfilled. It takes record time for the Darnitsa team to fulfill verified orders. On average, orders are shipped by the carrier within two working days.  Next, at the Kharkiv warehouse, the orders are distributed between our trusted partner volunteer organizations that collected original requests from the public. More than 18,000 medication packs have been delivered, to help stabilize blood pressure, relieve pain, and save lives. In less than two months of this collaboration, about 4,500 people have received our help. 

We are very excited about this productive partnership for several reasons: First, this is collaboration provides direct assistance to the vulnerable populations whose life and health depend on having personal access to these medications.

Second, this is an opportunity to support the Ukrainian economy and to enable the industry to grow in difficult conditions. It is important that the company can pay its employees fair wages and retain the best personnel where they are most needed.

Third, this is an investment in development of the local pharmaceutical industry when it is needed the most.  We are incredibly impressed that Darnitsa, a Ukrainian pharmaceutical company, is able to maintain high quality standards, even in war conditions. It continues production, helping the Armed Forces, volunteers and charitable foundations. Due to the war, the commercial flow of foreign pharmaceuticals decreased, but consumers do not feel a significant shortage of medications, primarily due to the robust production in Ukraine. In the future, Ukraine could become an international hub for the supply of pharmaceutical products to the countries of Eastern Europe and the Middle East. All of these fit Nova Ukraine’s mission of not only providing humanitarian aid but helping to build a thriving society in Ukraine.

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