Helping Disabled Ukrainians with NGO “I Know You Can”

Since the start of the war in Ukraine vulnerable demographics within the country have been disproportionately impacted often due to their limited mobility. Elderly people, the sick, and families with small children have been especially hard hit. But there is one group who have been impacted more than others and received little attention or assistance: people with disabilities. One woman, Olena Osadcha, is working to make sure disabled Ukrainians are not forgotten.

Olena Osadcha, founder of I Know You Can, with another volunteer on a shopping trip for humanitarian supplies

Founder of the NGO “I Know You Can” in Dnipro (central Ukraine), Olena Osadcha herself has been wheelchair bound since childhood due to the rare birth defect Osteogenesis imperfecta – brittle bone disease. Her experiences, and the constant support of those around her who always said, “I know you can do it”, inspired Olena to start an organization dedicated to advocating for those with disabilities.

Due to the fear of imminent attack and their inability to flee danger quickly, the members of I Know You Can can no longer meet in public places. All of the organization’s educational programs have been cancelled, and many of their in-person services have ended due to the ever-increasing impact of the war. Despite these challenges, I Know You Can continues to provide support for disabled Ukrainians.

Together, Nova Ukraine and I Know You Can are working to ensure that people with disabilities are able to receive the funding, services, medication, food, and support they need. Thanks to this partnership, disabled Ukrainians serviced by I Know You Can are receiving regular food deliveries, life sustaining medication, and the support they need to stay safe during a war the has no clear end.

But the work of supporting and advocating for disabled Ukrainians is far from done and increases in demand every day. Your help to continue this work is greatly needed. Your donation today will help Olena, her organization I Know You Can, and other local Ukrainian NGOs continue their brave and needed work in Ukraine.

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