Animal Welfare Spending Report

Thanks to our donors, between March 16 and July 20 we have spent $262,520, and helped over 21,000 animals in Ukraine. We are grateful to every supporter that has contributed, and we couldn’t be more proud of the results. Please follow along with first-hand reports from the recipients of our aid in the newly established Nova Ukraine Animal Welfare Reports Facebook group.

Here is a quick breakdown of what each category entails:

  • Food:
    • Buying bulk discounted food from Ukrainian manufacturers or distributors
    • Delivering or mailing the food all over Ukraine
    • Sending small grants to areas where delivery is not possible
  • Routine Medical Care:
    • Spay / Neuter procedures to curb the homeless population
    • Vaccinations (Rabies, DHLPP, FVRCP) to prevent the spread of deadly diseases
    • Antiparasitic medications prevent outbreaks of parasites (fleas, intestinal parasites, ticks, mites, etc.), deadly tick-borne diseases, deadly heartworm disease, and more
  • Emergency Medical Procedures:
    • Primarily animals injured as a result of active warfare
  • Evacuations:
    • Over 2,700 animals have been evacuated. While 2000 animals were evacuated to Europe, a majority of animals are being relocated within Ukraine to safer areas.
  • Construction:
    • We fund reconstruction and expansion projects for shelters that are continuously taking in more animals
  • Horses:
    • In a very limited capacity, we help small stables with feed, medical expenses, and evacuations.
  • Zoos:
    • Three separate humane, small-scale zoos and a wildlife rehabilitation center have received funding for evacuations, food, and utilities.

So many lives are hidden behind these numbers and percentages. Incredible stories of survival, love, and perseverance. Meet a few of our lucky four-legged friends:


Mykolaiv has seen non-stop shelling since March. Like so many other pets, Jack was left behind after his humans fled following a particularly damaging attack. The 4-month-old puppy was left to his own devices. Our wonderful, fearless volunteer Olga found Jack a new home, and thought that was the end of this pup’s horror story. Sadly, a few days later he was diagnosed with enteritis – a potentially deadly disease when left untreated.

With a grant from Nova Ukraine that Olga received for her 23 animals, she was able to fund Jack’s medical treatment. Although we didn’t see much improvements following his initial procedures, we didn’t give up. He received the medical care and love he needed, and finally made a full recovery. He has received his vaccinations and is now living a happy puppy life.


Harnunia is a Bucha survivor. Not many can make this claim after the horrendous consequences of the region’s occupation. After volunteers were allowed to reenter the liberated region, Hernunia was heard meowing in a locked bathroom of an abandoned private home. When volunteers retrieved her, they noticed large ulcers on her paws and tail, resulting from being soaked in urine that covered the floor of the tiny room. She was taken to a shelter we support in Kyiv, Homes for Strays, and received immediate veterinary care.

The steller owner of the shelter, Valeria, never turns her back on struggling animals, and is always ready for a challenge. She welcomed Hernunia with open arms, and with a grant from Nova Ukraine she was able to provide the necessary medical care for this wonderful cat, that purred throughout the entire veterinary visit despite being probed, poked, and palpated.

She is fully recovered and is looking for her forever home. Her trust in people has not waivered, and she is ready to share the rest of her life with a family that will give her the love and support she deserves.


Powder was injured during active shooting in Slatino, a village in the Kharkiv region. He sustained an injury to the chest from propelled shrapnel, and was uncontrollably bleeding. Courageous volunteers from Animal Rescue Kharkiv, whom Nova Ukraine has been supporting since March, left immediately to pick him up.

Powder was in critical condition, but the incredible veterinarians in Kharkiv refused to give up. Although a bit touch-and-go at first, two weeks of IV drips, surgeries, and post-op care pulled Powder through. He is fully recovered and is looking for his new home. He is an incredibly affectionate, social, and active ball of love and affection, ready to live out his days playing ball and getting belly rubs.

Without the help of our kind donors, none of this would be possible. We are grateful for every dollar we have received. As the war continues, and there is no end in sight, we urge you to continue your support so we can scale and continue to grow, covering more and more ground, and bringing more and more animals to safety.

Please indicate “Animal Rescue” in your donation to direct funds towards our animal rescue efforts.

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