Living a Day At a Time in Mykolaiv

Mykolaiv reached a distressing achievement this week – it has become the third hardest hit city in Ukraine by Russian shelling, following Izyum and Mariupol. According to local officials, nearly 8,000 regional buildings have been damaged by artillery and missile strikes since February, and over half the city’s 500,000 residents have fled. Due to the strikes, the city has been without running water since April. But as many as 250,000 residents still remain in Mykolaiv, and the city has seen an influx of people fleeing from Kherson as Ukraine battles to regain control of the occupied city and the fighting in the region intensified. Nova Ukraine continues to support Mykolaiv – by providing drinking water, equipping hospitals, supplying bomb shelters, and continuing to evacuate residents.

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A Day in the life of a Mykolaiv Resident

Hanna Chmelyova is a resident of Mykolaiv who decided to remain in her city in spite of the daily shelling and air raid sirens that have been terrorizing inhabitants since the onset of the Russian invasion. Her words offer us a glimpse into daily life in a city under Russian occupation.

Hanna works as a children’s librarian and a hospital clown and takes great pride in her role as plastun-senior of “Plast” in Mykolaiv (the Ukrainian Scouting Organization). Hanna’s husband distributes humanitarian aid with the Ukrainian military elsewhere in the city. They have two sons. 

“Each Mykolaiv resident now has a very special ‘alarm clock,’” Hanna explains. “It goes off not at the time you set it to wake you up, but at the time when the Russians launch a missile.”

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Nova Ukraine Supported Hospital Hit by Shelling in Mykolaiv

The emergency hospital in Mykolaiv, BSMP, has been rendered nonoperational due to Russian shelling. Your donations have previously equipped this hospital, which was built in 2019 and was one of the most modern hospitals in Ukraine. The grant paid for medication, surgical supplies, and coagulation machines – it is yet to be determined how much of the hospital equipment survived. Now, due to damage, the entire hospital must be evacuated – patients and doctors are being reassigned and relocated to other hospitals in the area. Nova Ukraine continues supplying area hospitals in hard-hit Mykolaiv as long as they remain operational.

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Lives and Homes Destroyed in Bucha

Iryna Havryliuk lost everything in the war – what was previously a peaceful life in Bucha has been shattered by the Russian invasion. Her husband and brother were killed in her own yard. Even the dog was shot dead. Now her home is in ruins. Listen to Iryna’s story of surviving the war. While her loss is irreparable, our volunteers can and will restore her home to a habitable state.

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The Impact of Your Donations

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