Rebuilding Kindergartens in Kharkiv

On February 24, 2022, Kharkiv, Ukraine was the first city to suffer missile attacks from Russia. The once peaceful and beautiful city now looks like a post-apocalyptic scene worthy of the movies. Many houses have no windows, their insides have been destroyed, everything is covered by soot and rubble. Stoically, the city and her people have held on under these conditions. Now the people of Kharkiv are beginning to rebuild.

Destruction of a school in Kharkiv hit by shelling

“We cooperate with three NGOs,” explains Yaroslava Fomina – a Nova Ukraine Project Manager. “Yedine Dzerelo, Mari, and I Am Saved. They provide assistance to communities around Kharkiv region.” Thanks to these partners and donors from around the world, Nova Ukraine has delivered 17 pallets (over 1200 sheets) of plywood to Kharkiv to be used as temporary patching to cover blown out windows and holes from missiles in the walls.

“In our city, enemies are massively bombing educational institutions,” says Dmytro Lozhenko, head of the organization I Am Saved. “We were able to protect and restore to working operation the nursery school and 4 more buildings that were hit by an enemy missile. We did a lot of work on clearing debris and shielding the windows.”

But the work is not done. “We plan to preserve at least 50 schools and kindergartens. At this stage, we need an additional 2,000 sheets of plywood to carry out work in at least 6 institutions. We will be powerless in this great cause without your participation.”

Another Nova Ukraine partner said, “We really hope … children’s laughter will resound in the kindergarten again. These rebuilding efforts are just the first step toward the physical restoration of Ukraine.”

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