Nova Ukraine and Partners Donate Ambulances to Khmelnytskyi

Since the beginning of the war in late February, medical services across Ukraine have been disrupted. This is especially true in areas that have taken heavy shelling and bombing or cities currently under Russian occupation. To help get medical services into these hard-hit areas, a number of emergency assistance hubs have been launched, including one at Khmelnytskyi Regional Clinical Hospital.

These medical hubs provide triage services outside their facilities by sending ambulances equipped with medical supplies and personnel into nearby regions lacking proper facilities. But the assistance they’re able to provide is greatly dependent on the availability of medical supplies, staff, and vehicles—something which is increasingly challenged by war-induced migration, transportation difficulties, and regular supply shortages. For this reason, emergency services and medical hubs like the one in Khmelnytskyi must rely to a greater extent on donations from outside organizations.

To help address the growing needs of Khmelnytskyi Regional Clinical Hospital, Nova Ukraine and the Union of TV and Film Industry Entrepreneurs, both nongovernmental organizations, have partnered to donate new, fully modern ambulances equipped with the medical supplies needed for rapid resuscitation, emergency trauma care, and basic medical treatment.

But this partnership isn’t limited to emergency vehicles. In addition to the 3 ambulances donated since the start of the war, Nova Ukraine and the Union of TV and Film Industry Entrepreneurs have also donated medical equipment, much-needed medications, and clothing for medical personnel. These supplies were all transferred to the regional hospital for use in Khmelnytskyi and the surrounding communities they serve.

With no end in sight for Russia’s war, Ukrainian emergency medical services are going to be busier than ever. You can help support these brave Ukrainian doctors, nurses, and EMTs by donating to Nova Ukraine. Donating, raising awareness, and sharing on social media all help ensure that Ukrainians have the chance to rebuild the health of their people as well as the health of their nation. 

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