Breathing New Life into Maternity Care in Pavlohrad

A new generation of Ukrainians is being born in bomb shelters. Their first breaths are taken under shelling and constant danger. But even Russia’s senseless war cannot stop new, loved, celebrated little lives entering this world — Ukrainian women continue to give birth, despite the cramped and inhumane conditions.

The war has crippled health care in Ukraine.

Due to the influx of internally displaced refugees fleeing cities on the front lines, medical facilities even in more peaceful parts of the country are woefully undersupplied. There are widespread shortages of pretty much everything: equipment, consumables and facility necessities alike. Some maternity shelters and hospitals have been completely destroyed by shelling and are no longer operations. Other facilities, like the Pavlohrad maternity hospital, have not been updated in decades and are in desperate need of repair. Pregnant women and their newly born children are subjected to outdated equipment and accommodation—gynecological chairs from 1962; children’s beds from 1985.

Modern gynecological exam chair donated by Nova Ukraine

At Nova Ukraine, we’re working to improve these conditions. Recently, donors from abroad (like you) raised the funds needed for us to purchase and provide 30 cots, 1 gynecological chair, 3 new skin temperature sensors, and an additional 500 gynecological examination kits to the hospital in Povlohrad.

All of this will help speed up and simplify the work of Ukrainian doctors, who can now spend their time and attention on patients very much in need of assistance. These donations ensure that Ukrainian women and children are treated with the care they deserve, and not with equipment that is older than they are.

Neonatal cots delivered to Pavlohrad

Donate to help Ukrainian mothers and their babies to be healthy despite the war.

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