We have evacuated over 20,000 Ukrainians

Nova Ukraine’s footprint of humanitarian assistance stretches across continents: from the embattled regions of eastern Ukraine to Kyiv, from Mexico City to San Francisco. To date, we have served more than a million hot meals to residents of Ukraine and have surpassed 20,000 evacuations of people and animals from frontline regions of Ukraine, including medically fragile patients. We equipped hospitals with vital medical equipment and funded construction crews to rebuild homes destroyed by the war. We have more than 4,460 volunteers on the ground to help Ukrainians impacted by this cruel war who are risking their lives every day to help those in need. See our latest on the ground statistics »

Our Impact to Date

Jewish Association Runs Camp for Displaced Families

Thanks to financial support from Nova Ukraine, the Association of Jewish Communities of Ukraine (Vaad Ukraine) launched a project to support displaced Ukrainian mothers with children — in particular the families of servicemen — who are severely impacted by the war in Ukraine. These families are enjoying a respite from the war in the picturesque Carpathian mountains in western Ukraine. Their stay includes meals, therapy sessions, and a variety of activities for children.

“I can finally breathe again and remember how beautiful life is,” says Christina, a mother of four participating in the program. “For the first time in over two months I was able to see smiles on my children’s faces and real joy in their eyes. Thank you very much!”

Baking ‘Victory Bread’ for Kramatorsk

The city of Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine is on the front line of the Russian offensive. Most residents have fled, but for the few who have stayed life is a daily struggle. Nearly all supermarkets have shut down and the city is quickly running out of fuel and food. Even basic food staples like vegetables and bread are in short supply. One Nova Ukraine food supplier, a baker, continues to bake bread every day to distribute to the local community.

“For the past 67 days of the war, you and I together have baked bread around the clock,” Luba the baker told one of our regional coordinators. “We now call it ‘Victory Bread.’ Every loaf of bread is wrapped in your love.” For every dollar received, Luba can purchase 2 kilograms of flour and bake four loaves of “Victory Bread.”

Recreation Center for Refugees in Zakarpattia

More than 60 women and children now reside at a recreation center for refugees in the Zakarpattia region of Western Ukraine, supported in part with funding from Nova Ukraine. The facility was set up by Yanes Polovka immediately after the start of the war and now provides refugees with food and housing free of charge.

NICU Operates in Kharkiv Bomb Shelter

When the Russian invasion started in Ukraine, pregnant women and new mothers in Kharkiv were evacuated to an underground bomb shelter where they continued to give birth and care for their newborns. With the stress of the war, the number of premature births has increased throughout Kharkiv. The doctors, nurses and mothers living in this cramped, makeshift NICU need our support to continue caring for medically fragile newborns. We are fundraising to purchase an ultrasound machine to replace theirs, which broke down recently. Help us purchase this vital equipment »

Rebuilding in Bucha: Interview with Moschun Resident

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