Humanitarian Efforts

a stack of medical kits

March 3, 2022

It has been a very difficult 9 days since Russia invaded Ukraine, but since then, the whole world has united in helping the Ukrainian people. Our team has been working day and night and we want to update our fellow Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine on our humanitarian relief and fundraising efforts.

Established in 2014, Nova Ukraine is one of the few US nonprofits operating in multiple regions of Ukraine. Since Feb 24th 2022, we have raised over $3.5 million in donations across various platforms. The generous donations are being used to deliver emergency aid to people remaining in Ukraine, as well as refugees. As of now, 1 million people have fled Ukraine into Poland and other neighboring countries.

Deliveries include:

  • food
  • medical supplies
  • essential hygiene items
  • baby care items
  • clothing

We are also providing limited assistance with locating and reconnecting family members who have been separated from their loved ones. On the local front, our volunteers are standing by to help refugees arriving in the US.

While we appreciate the gesture, donations of mixed goods in the US are not effective at the moment. Currently, monetary donations are the most helpful as they allow us to work with our EU partners to source, purchase and deliver needed supplies in quickly and efficiently.

Our directors and volunteers have given extensive media commentary on the Russian invasion, the plight of refugees, humanitarian relief efforts, the destinies of our families, and plans to mitigate the devastation from the attacks. If you have any additional requests, please send them to [email protected].

Nova Ukraine’s focus will remain to help the people of Ukraine and we will continue coordinating efforts in these main directions:

  • Refugee Assistance Europe and US
    Evacuations; food and clothing supplies sourcing in the EU, legal assistance, finding hosts for refugees arrived to US
  • Partnerships’ extension and scale across the globe, especially in the EU
  • Medical Supplies
    Many sources are exhausted in the EU so we are sourcing from the US
  • Raising awareness about events in Ukraine through collaboration with local state and municipal authorities including California Senator Alex Padilla.
  • Partnering with the Ukrainian volunteers and nonprofits on the ground to deliver humanitarian help to the places, groups of people and the cities that need it the most.

Assembly of the First Aid Kits in Poland

Nova Ukraine purchases and coordinates prompt delivery to Ukraine to help save lives of civilians and servicemen

“The donations we receive are used to assist the people of Ukraine who have been devastated and displaced by a senseless and appallingly brutal invasion.

We are working day and night to ensure that aid is delivered – chartering planes, renting warehouse facilities, assuring functional green corridors to work with and coordinating volunteers on the ground. This is only the beginning. The invaders did not expect Ukrainians to be this strong and their love for their homeland to be so deep.”

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